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‘Roswell’ Star: Few Life Signs – Katherine Heigl

Thanks to Chaz for this-it comes from today’s New York Vue, a supplement to the Sunday NY Daily News.

‘Roswell’ Star: Few Life Signs

“Roswell” co-star Katherine Heigl expects to be putting more hours into the series next season. Her role as the vulnerable Isabel is being expanded as the show goes into more of a sci-fi direction as the aliens search for their true destiny. As it is, the 21-year-old beauty says she’s working so hard on the WB show, “I literally have no life during the nine months the series is in production. The fact the schedule is not consistent makes it difficult. We can work 5, 87, 16 hours in a day… I just spend the weekends catching up on my sleep, and being with close friends and family.” Katherine says she’s lucky: “I don’t have the need to fill my time with people who don’t mean anything to me. Oh, certainly I’d love to find my soul mate, and I’m not a hermit – not yet.However, I’m very particular, and content to wait till the right person comes along.”