Roswell’s Aliens Return for Party No. 5

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From Albuquerque Journal:

Roswell’s Aliens Return for Party No. 5

By Michelle Pentz
Journal Staff Writer

They’re hEEere!

It’s time for aliens again down in Roswell. The city famed for its unidentified flying object incident is launching its fifth annual UFO Festival starting today. Titled “Trek Roswell 2000,” the “Star Trek”-themed event runs through July 7.

Trekkie heroes will abound at the fest, which includes bands, vendor booths, costume contests, hot-air balloons and aliens galore.

Educational fodder is also on the agenda. The International UFO Museum and Research Center and Roswell Convention Center are presenting symposiums, round-table discussions and talks by experts on UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena.

The Roswell Museum and Art Center will display more than 100 art works from six countries, all UFO-related. The convention and civic center is showing outer space photography, a model space shuttle and a space suit from Space Center Houston.

Tim Russ, otherwise known as Tuvok on the popular TV series “Star Trek Voyager,” is the headliner. He will be joined by other celebrities, including Jeff Rector, who played an alien in a recurring role on Star Trek’s “Next Generation.”

Rector will sing with sci-fi band Neil Norman and his Cosmic Orchestra at the opening concert tonight.

Local band Grupo Maldad is the opening act. Russ will sign autographs and also sing with the band at a dinner performance Saturday. (Russ has just released a new CD.)

Both shows “feature space-aged sound equipment, Star Trek costumes, fog machines and a laser light presentation,” according to event coordinator Stacy Wolkwitz.

Roller-skating aliens and the world’s largest UFO parade are highlights for Saturday.

The antics continue with a Sunday appearance of a “Roswell” TV series guest star, comedian Howie Nave, virtual-reality rides and live bands.

Also on Sunday, the Kirtland Air Force Base Repel Team will perform to the music of the film “2001, A Space Odyssey.”

Running Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights through July 29 is “Roswell the Musical,” which recounts the story of the Roswell incident. Other activities during the week are: barbecues, fireworks, alien races, puppet shows, bands, documentaries and live radio broadcasts sponsored by the City of Roswell.