Roswell Hope Soars Australian Campaign – Please Read

Ming sent this in to me in hopes of having international support and help in trying to save Roswell in Australia. Please do take the time to help out.

Roswell Hope Soars Australian Campaign : Part 2

The idea is to make Oragami Cranes, there is a legend that says, if you make 1000 cranes your dream/wish comes true, it is a sign of Hope for our show Roswell in Australia so that Channel Nine will secure season two for us and also move it to a reasonable timeslot.

What is needed:
1. To make a crane for each friend/family member/fellow work mate/room mate anyone who you know who likes Roswell get them to sign a crane.

2. If you do not know how to make oragami cranes please email me ( so I can send you a acrobat file with instructions on how to make them. If you still can’t figure it out ask around and someone should be able to teach you how to make them.

3. For those of you who do know how to make cranes the suggested paper size is 210mm (which is 21cm or 8 5/16 Inch) white square, that 210mm height and 210 width.

4. On One wing write ROSWELL HOPE SOARS AUSTRALIA and on the other wing write/sign your name.

5. Help from everyone from around the world would be most appreciated, the idea is strength in numbers the more support that is shown the more chance we have of our show being moved to a better timeslot.

6. Please send them to the following address so they can be arranged together in a mobile so Channel Nine can hang it up in the middle of there offices (thanks steph for your collection help here)

PO Box 719
Spit Junction
NSW 2088

Thanking you in advance for your patience and help,

Best Wishes

P.S. Also Australians please visit the Ozwellian Board at
everyone else is welcome to visit also….