Silver Handprint Campaign Update

This is a compilation of the material I’ve received from the campaign organizers!

Have fun, and help out if you can!

Roswell: We Believe – Campaign Update

Plans for the campaign are well underway, and we will be ready to start the first phases by this weekend. This will involve campaigning to press and media sites, sponsors, and recruiting new viewers. We have a lot planned up until the Season 2 Premiere, and during the season. Come on over to the Roswell 2 message board for more info!

Important Update: We have been advised that some groups are already starting to send handprints and other items to the WB. Please do not send anything to the network yet! We have “insider information” from someone associated with the show that everyone there is supportive of us campaigning for publicity and viewership right now, but that sending anything to the WB at this point could prove to be harmful to our cause.

It’s really great to see all the enthusiasm and effort that has gone into this campaign so far, and it is already evident that we are going to make a huge impact on keeping Roswell on the air for a long time to come. We need to focus and unite our efforts to impacting the media, sponsors and new viewers – and gear up for the mailings to come once the season starts.

Announcement for Snail-Mail campaign

O.K. Ready, everyone?!

The first phase of the silver handprint campaign involves mailing handprints to specified press/media. We are starting NOW with Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. There will be 2 new targets probably every 2 weeks, so please stay tuned and stock up on your handprints!

Handprints: should be simple; a silver handprint (with paint or silver ink) on a piece of black paper – construction or tagboard. Somewhere on the page it should say in silver ink Roswell and We Believe.

*Attach a short handwritten note stating our cause to see a cover
story/feature story on Roswell!*

Send to:

Mr. Ken Tucker
Editorial Office
Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

TV Guide
Mr. Matt Roush
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036

*And please publicize this information on as many other Roswell
sites/boards/clubs as you can! Thank you!*


Announcment for E-mail campaign!

Coinciding with the silver handprint campaign to the press/media is the email
campaign to press/media. We are starting NOW with Entertainment Weekly, TV
Guide and People. There will be 2-3 new targets every week so please stay

In your letters request that the magazine do a cover story/feature story on

Send to:

Entertainment Weekly

TV Guide



*And please publicize this information on as many other Roswell
sites/boards/clubs as you can. Thank you!*

For progress information on both campaigns, please visit the Roswell 2
Message Board.


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