Campaign Crew: Don’t Stop Now!!

Thanks to The Campaign Crew for this:

Hey Roswell Fans,

The Campaign Crew would like to remind everyone that we can’t stop campaigning yet. Now is a more critical time than ever. We just have to keep the scope of campaigning in the right perspective. Keep in mind that, with the exception of fan letters, we shouldn’t be mailing anything to the WB. It would just be an annoyance right now. This could be more harmful than beneficial. Sending fan letters in support of the show is always a great idea.

To find out how you have been doing, please take the following Roswell Campaign Quiz:

Are you still recruiting new viewers???
Recruiting new viewers is the most important thing that we can be doing right now. We need the ratings of the remaining episodes to be higher than ever. Please keep promoting the show throughout the remainder of the season. Show your taped episodes to friends, family, co-workers, etc. We need them all to watch the rest of the season and help in the recruiting.

Have you all sent your weekly e-mail to the WB???
All Roswell fans must be sending the WB an e-mail about the show each week. International viewers can get American e-mail addresses at Just because Roswell isn’t currently airing, there’s no reason why we can remind the WB that we’re not going to go away. Every correspondence should be positive and heartwarming. E-mails should be directed to the following e-mail addresses:

Are you sending your very important e-mails to the Sponsors???
We need to keep sending e-mails to the sponsors. Relatively complete lists of sponsors can be found at:
black widow’s site and at
Remember to cc: the 4 WB addresses above as suggested by black widow. Also forward all sponsor replies to these addresses. This is extremely important. According to Andrew at The WB, The Execs read every sponsor reply.

Are you writing to the Affiliates???
There’s a great discussion thread on the Roswell 2 message board. Lots of WB Affiliate contact information is here:

Are you still posting on the WB message boards???
Keep posting on their message boards at We need to keep the fan discussions really intense. We need to keep the discussion positive, constructive and proactive. Mondays are great days to post. Don’t forget the rest of the week too!!

Have you participated in the Season 3 Letter Writing Campaign???
Kdberg, black widow, London2LA and Fehrocious started this campaign back in January. We hope that everyone has sent their letters. If not, please do it soon. Get your friends to write letters too.

We hope that everyone answered yes to all or most of these questions. Please continue to do the above activities as much as possible. Every little bit helps a great deal. We have lots of great stuff on the way in the coming weeks. Over the next week, please spend some quality time in support of your favorite show.

~ The Campaign Crew