Around The World Update


Thanks to The Ice Princess for this :)

I was wondering if you could put on your site a message for Australian fans
that Roswell won’t be on until after the Goodwill games which is towards the
end of September.


Thanks to Jules for this :)

Just to let you know, since UPN has moved up the premiere date to
Oct.9th, it will now premiere on SPACE on Friday Oct.12th, and not the
19th as previously mentioned. SPACE airs Roswell Fridays at 9pm, with
the episode repeating Saturdays at 5pm.

On another note, SPACE is currently airing S2 reruns daily(M-F), at 7pm
and 3am, and S1 reruns on Fridays at 9pm repeating Saturdays at 5pm.
BUT, beginning Sept. 4th they will air various episodes of S1&S2 at 10am
(M-F). S2 will no longer air (M-F’s) at 7pm&3am.S1 will continue airing
on Fridays & Saturdays, until the premiere. *whew* hope that’s

Thanks to Maureen for this

I just read your announcement for the Canadian audiences that Roswell Season 3 will be airing on Oct. 19th. But I checked and their announcement read as follows:

National Canadian Premiere
Comes to SPACE October 12 – Friday nights @ 9pm ET with a repeat Saturdays @ 5pm ET

Thanks to Christine for this :)

Just wanted to let all the Canadian viewers know that SPACE will be
premiering the 3rd season of Roswell on October 12th and CITY TV will be
premiering sometime in September (CITY TV says that it will be returning in
September so I’m guessing that means premiering)

Thanks to Anne for this :)

I just want to let all the Canadians out there that SPACE will be airing Season 3 on OCT. 12.

The time schedule is not yet listed.


Also check out Space’s Roswell page:


Thanks to Snowy for this :)

Just wanted to know if I could send this message in the news of the Crashdown :
A new campaign started in France, cause French want to see Season 2 in original version, as it was broadcast for season 1.
The private channel doesn’t seem to do it in the future. The french version is just really bad……
To help french fans to watch Roswell season 2 in OV please go there :

We need all your support!!


Thanks to

I just wanted to let you kow that we’ll have the Third Season of Roswell in Germany – our tv station Pro 7 which is airing it confirmed that the contracts are signed and that they’ll show it!
Thank you also so much for the international support!


Thanks to Judu for this :)

Well,in Hungary they played from Roswell 9 episodes,and they stopped for the summer,cause they said:At the summer not everybody watched it,o they will continue it in sept,let’s hope,when I will have the correct day,I will send u,if u want :).


Thanks to Geni for this :)

i’m from new zealand and thought that i should report that after emailing
the channel that roswell is normally on, i got good news.they said that
roswell will be coming back to new zealand very soon after its aired in
america.oh and i think i should also add that dido is coming to auckland,
new zealand soon as well.:)


Thanks to Bartek for this :)

I’m from Poland. Here in poland Roswell is showin to late abotu 24.00. Many of roswell fans can not see it. We send a petition to change the hours but it didn’t work . We don’t know if would be here the second season(and what should we say abotu the 3’rd) We know nothing. We hope that they change the hours in start of teh second season.(We have here tonight the eipsode Max to The Max). Wish us luck and the second and the third season.


we need serious help in Puerto Rico to get UPN back, see, we used to get it, but the cable company took it away a few months ago!!! My friends and I are frustrated, We haven’t stopped calling the cable company and they say we are just a few teenagers that complain too much!!! what should we do?I was thinking maybe you could post a call for all Roswellians in Puerto Rico to call the cable provider on September 1, so we can be heard !!!!!!!! we are thousands of Roswell and Buffy freaks, But the cable company is ignoring us. WE WANNA BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to Vesna for this :)

My na

me is Vesna and I’m from Slovenia.We have seen the 1st season of Roswell and in my country everybody love it!!!!!!!But you know I’m the biggest fan in my country.In my town people call me Liz or Shiri because I look just like her.Now I’m watching the 2nd season on the german channel PRO7.I speek german quite good so that is not a problem for me.In Germany are all episodes sincronised into german language.


Thanks to Benz for this :)

Hi! I’m Benz and I’m also a Roswell fan here in Thailand. Well, about some info here. There would be Roswell on UBC series (channel 36) on every Monday 18.00 (6pm) and also a Roswell re-run on every Friday 14.00 (2pm). Thanks!

Thanks to Sylv for this :)

This is Sylvie from the UK again. following your news about the world I have a problem about Roswell serie three showing on Sky One. They haveshow the first serie twice and the second serie once. The BBC2 showed the serie once but without Destiny!! Now there is no news about the third serie beeing broadcasted in the near future andI would like to know if there a UK based Roswell fanforum to discuss it withthem and take any steps to have Roswell on the British Sky One or BBC2. Try to contact Sky One but it is virtually impossible to get to the top peoples to talk to them!!!! With a lot ofhopes.

Thanks to Sarah for this :)

In the Uk at the moment you can enjoy the first season of Roswell on Sky 1
at 5.40 pm on Saturdays, hopefully the BBC will soon be getting the second
series for those of us not fortunate enough for cable:)
And hopefully Sky 1 will continue with the seriously great coverage of
Roswell it showed in the second season will being only a couple of weeks
behind the US.

Thanks to Nia for this :)

Roswell is between seasons at the moment. BBC’s going to show 2nd series in September and SKY ONE has just finished showing it. We don’t know when the 3rd season will reach our shores but boy are we looking forwad to it!!! Roswell is not as popular as Buffy over here, I think it is because it is not that well promoted. You can’t buy any Roswell merchendise in this country appart from the books. If any one knows where you can get it in Britain let me know!