More Dido Tidbits And Appearance

Thanks to everyone who sent in that Dido will be on CNN’s ShowBiz Report Today. Check your local listings.

Also, thank you to Shelley for sending this in:

Here’s a hint of what Dido’s new video for Here With Me video will be like from Sue Dempsey. She saw the video being filmed in Toronto Ontario and inquired what song it might be for (she had never heard of her before that but promised she would buy the album now.)

The following is what she wrote about her experience watching the filming:

“The filming was taking place on Yonge Street in Toronto Ontario. One of the
busiest streets in the world. It was blocked off to traffic, but pedestrians
were allowed. They had cars standing by, ready to roll at the directors cue.
Dido was just strolling down the street, singing and looking up at the
buildings with a coffee in her hand. She wore a purple sweater coat, with a
purple turtle neck underneath, which we saw for sale at “The Chateau”, a
trendy store up here.There were extras that walked along with her, just a
normal street scene.

As soon as the “take” was complete, they would all huddle around and check it
out. We saw them do it three times, and apparently earlier in the day they
had shot more footage on the same street. It was 9 in the morning, and while
waiting for the technicians to geteverything ready, she talked on her cell
phone and yawned, and yawned and yawned. We can’t wait to see the final
result. We stood right on the street, and they walked right by us, so we
enjoyed seeing all the people involved. It was a real thrill.”


Dido has broken the Billboard Top 100! She’s at #96 as a Heatseeker Impact. It’s an incredible feet considering that the album has been out for about a year and two months.