The WB Academy

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The WB Academy
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by Nisha Gopalan
September 2000

The WB may bear the dreaded distinction of being the lowest-rated TV network (yes, even UPN has more viewers), but it has attracted a feeding frenzy among movie casting agents hunting for talent. With such crossover successes as Katie Holmes (Wonder Boys), Amy Smart (Road Trip), and recent defector Seth Green (both Austin Powers films), WB execs are beaming like proud parents. Boasts WB president of entertainment Susanne Daniels, “Our stars make the leap from TV fame to feature fame more than any other network.” Well, we decided to scout out the situation ourselves. So while the kids enjoy the summer hiatus, Premiere checked in on some of the actors the WB is launching onto the big screen…

Leads of the show:
Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby
Yearbook caption: Lovesick extraterrestrial and his girl-next-door amour
Extracurricular activities: Appleby: the upcoming A Time for Dancing
Also on the honor roll: Brendan Fehr (Final Destination, the upcoming The Forsaken), Colin Hanks (the upcoming Getting Over Allison), Majandra Delfino (the upcoming Traffic)

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