Baron And Toluca

B+T 30 Day Challenge

Come on Roswellians, Dans, sci-fi fans. Join the “B+T 30 Day Challenge” and tell the world about “Baron And Toluca”. Make fans curious about B+T and show those streaming platforms that B+T have a place in your heart already.

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Hashtag: #BandT30DayChallenge
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You can schedule your posts and start this challenge whenever you want, in case you found out about it later.

Happy Baron + Toluca 30 Day Challenge!

Day 1:

Show Netflix your favorite Baron And Toluca screenshot that screams: Pick up B+T!

Day 2:

For Twitter: Create a B+T tweet and add a currently trending hashtag but add it in a smart way that it fits. (Learn from Chelle) 😎

For other platforms: Search for B+T and share a fun post/tweet with your followers.

Day 3:

Favorite Toluca Quote

Day 4:

Which M&M quote from Roswell just needs to make it to B+T as an easter egg?

Day 5:

Show your reaction to the promo with emoji only. 

Day 6:

A supporting actor from Roswell that you want to see on B+T. Where could B+T met this character?

Day 7:

Favorite Baron Quote

Day 8:

Your favorite Roswell easter-egg from the 1st promo.

Day 9:

Which song reminds you about B+T?

Day 10:

Cutest moment from the 1st promo.

Day 11:

What’s your favorite B+T promo pic?

Day 12:

Which Roswell ‘location’ would you love to see as an easter-egg on B+T?

Day 13:

Share your favorite B+T fanart!

Day 14:

Is “Alien Advocates” – The Show a show about lawyers on planet earth, specialized in extraterrestrial and international law? Did Baron and Toluca play lawyers or aliens? What’s your guess?

Day 15:

Favorite OMG moment from the 1st promo.

Day 16:

Do you think B+T will show us alternate worlds or realities?

Day 17:

Baron loves the Dixie Chicks, make a guess what could be on Toluca’s car radio?

Day 18:

If the local sheriff is Miles Sorrenti, which name would you give Liz Parker, Max Evans, …? Pick one.

Day 19:

Can you remember one of the very favorite first fan theories about what BandT could mean? What was your favorite?

Day 20:

Your favorite B+T teasing by Majandra.

Day 21:

Your favorite B+T teasing by Brendan.

Day 22:

Make a guess about how many times they had to repeat the “not if you were the last men on earth“ scene. Maybe Brendan and Majandra will reveal it??

Day 23:

Something you love about B+T.

Day 24:

What do you think will make B+T so great?

Day 25:

What’s your favorite tea flavor? (Don’t forget the honey!)

Day 26:

B or T. With which character do you want to go on a road trip? Why?

Day 27:

What’s your favorite B+T related hashtag?

(Favorite OMG moment from the 2nd promo.)

Day 28:

Favorite (sci-fi) moment from the 2nd promo.

Day 29:

Your favorite Roswell easter-egg from the 2nd promo.

Day 30:

Anything you want.