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Deep Thought
“Clothes really say a lot about a person — what their brain picks up on, what kinda colors they’re attracted to, and what kind of persona they’re trying to aim for. They really say a lot about a person’s psyche.” bb

Out of This World
Roswell’s Majandra Delfino dishes on fashion, the new TV season, and hooking up with an alien.
So your character, Maria, seems so real. Is Maria based on Majandra?
They’re the same in the sense that we’re both kinda spicy — but otherwise, they’re different. She’s not very strong. I’m a lot different in that sense. I don’t hyperventilate or get hysterical — and I wouldn’t take a lot of the crap she takes from Michael.
Maria’s also one of the best-dressed ladies on the WB. Are you as into fashion as she is?
Yes I am. I’m the machine behind Maria’s look. I’m a fashion victim, I’d say. I’ll wear something and people will be like, “What is that?” And I’m just like, “Whatever…I like it!” My look ranges from punk to really preppy.
OK, we know you can’t really give us any serious details, but can you give us a hint of what’s going to happen on Roswell this season?
Well, besides the fact that my hair is now to my shoulders, and it’s really sexy, Maria’s got an even cooler wardrobe. It’s outta hand. And we’re doing this kinda X-Files thing, where all sorts of different species of aliens are living around the world. So that’ll be really cool.
So we gotta ask, is Brendan Fehr as foxy as Michael is?
He’s actually a lot cooler. He’s my boyfriend in real life, and he’s so different from Michael that it’s funny to me. He’s not moody. But yeah, he’s an actor, what can I say?
What do you do when you’re not working?
I paint, I like to play guitar and write songs, and you know really be in La La Land in my room. You know…just that kind of stuff.

You also have roles coming up in Traffic and I Know What You Screamed Last Summer. Should we expect to see you in more films?
I’m definitely going to keep doing movies. I just don’t like a script where it’s about the guy and he gets the girl at the end, and blah, blah, blah. Or any of those, like, teenage party movies. That kind of stuff drives me nuts.

So, we’re not going to see you in She’s All That: Part Two?
Not if I can help it.

Birth Name: Maria Alejandra Delfino. (She picked up Majandra, ’cause her sis, Marieh, couldn’t say her name when they were kids.)
B-day: February 20, 1981. She’s a Pisces!
Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela.
Homebase: Los Angeles.
First Seen In: The 1997 family comedy Zeus and Roxanne. Shortly after that she starred as Tony Danza’s daughter in NBC’s Tony Danza Show.
Tuneage: Portishead, Tricky, Bjork, and The Beatles.
Really Randoms: She likes to eat spaghetti for breakfast and she has a Pekingese puppy called Tattoo.

Contact Her: c/o The Warner Brothers Television Network, 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522. Or e-mail her at: majandrad@alloymail.com.

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