Seventeen Article About Roswell

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Tune Into This!

Guides to help you through the next season of your favorite television shows.

by Yahaira Castro

Lost in Roswell? Don’t get Survivor? Kill for Buffy?

Are you hopelessly lost when your friends talk about the most popular shows on tv? Or are you one of those fans who follows every single episode and relishes every extra tid-bit you can get your hands on about the show and its actors? We’ve assembled a few guidebooks you may need for the upcoming fall TV season.

The Simpsons
by Peter Mann
Trafalgarsquarebooks, $5.95

Why are those yellow, abnormal cartoon characters still running strong after 11 seasons? A new unathorized biography tries to get to the bottom of the mystery of The Simpsons.

They made their first appearance as brief skits on our t.v. screens on The Tracey Ullman Show. And if you think they’re funny-looking now, the cartoon has evolved a lot since then. According to the author, Bart originally had 13 spikes for his hair, but his cartoon-stylist has reduced them to a measly 7.

The book briefly lists what happened on each episode. So, if you’re not familiar with the great ones like “Who Shot Mr. Burns” then you’re in for a treat. By the way, if you keep missing the second episode which reveals the culprit, just think “pacifier.”

The only downer to this gem is that it doesn’t feature any pictures for you to laugh along to with the text. But if you’re memory can provide the supplement, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.

by Mark Burnett with Martin Dugard
TV Books, $17.95

What really happened when Kelly won the “Mud Pack” challenge and received her just rewards? Did keep-my-word Rudy really make an alliance with someone other than his partner-in-crime Rich? And, were all those solo camera tributes the cast gave the real deal?

In Survivor: The Official Companion Book, you get your chance to find out what really happened and all the behind-the-scene moments. Executive producer Mark Burnett lets fans of the show in on what the cameras shut you out from. The book is pretty graphic about the goings-on of the cast, especially in the last days of the struggle for the million bucks. Fans should love the insights the writer shares. (Yes, there is more to know than Sue’s brouhaha with Kelly!)

And, if you’re planning to watch the next Survivor set in Australia, the book may give you a clue as to who the next Machievalli may be. Will they have to be as conniving as Richard, as athletic as Kelly, or a leader like Rudy? No one knows yet, but this book may help you come up with a theory or two.

The Monster Book

by Christopher Golden
Pocket Books, $16.95

You may want this book to be in your lap when the new season of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer comes on your small screen. When you’re not enjoying the action from the demons and ghouls sure to torment the stars, get busy finding out all the facts.

The writers delve into the characters of the show, and pull them inside and out for avid fans. And best of all, if you’ve missed the first few seasons, the authors revive them for you. So from now on you can skip asking a friend for the skinny on an old episode — they never really seem to give you all the good details anyway. This book can fill that void for you. Quick! Who was the second slayer? If you answered Faith, you need to shell out the dough for this book.

Extra bonuses for readers is an exploration of monster folklore like how vampires are created. Writers pull from the show’s scripts as well as traditional sources like Bram Stoker’s Dracula to enlighten readers.

Roswell Pop Quiz

by Paul Ruditis
Pocket Books, $4.99

Afficionados of Roswell may want to have this book permanently shelved in their private library.

Roswell Pop Quiz tests your love for the youngish X-File-like show on the WB. The book breaks down questions according to each show. If you watched the pilot, then you should know what Liz’s first journal entry said after she “died.” Or, what she wrote in her journal after the show ended.

Fans may want to skip the hokey conspiracy theories which precede each chapter. But, hey! If you really do believe this is the true story of what happened in Roswell, New Mexico, then this book should confirm everything you knew to be true but no one else bothered to believe.