Trailer/Brief Info For Tonight’s Ep (Minor Spoilers)

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Roswell is a best bet for Monday night. Their is a description of the episode along with a picture of Max (Jason Behr).

Zap2it Makes ROswell Best Bet

9:00 p.m. EST

Maintaining the romance while upping the sci fi fix, this episode finds Max traveling back to the present (got that?) to warn Liz that their relationship will jeopardize the future of his planet. They devise a plan to change the fate of the aliens by betraying present day Max. We always knew Liz was a two-timing hussy.

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EntertainmentWeekly #567, Nov 3, p. 67,

Roswell is again listed in “Televisison: What to Watch” for this week:

9-10 pm ROSWELL (The WB, TV-PG-DLV) Future Max travels back in time to foil present-day Max, and does so without a snazzy DeLorean.

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There was a little different trailer at the for next weeks episode
than the trailer they played after Summer of ’47. You can see it by clicking Trailer