Sci Fi Ign: Evil Twin Time

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Evil Twin Time

Roswell’s latest twist has us seeing double — check out our guide to genre TV’s greatest dastardly doppelgangers.

November 21, 2000

It’s Evil Twin time this week on Roswell — Max and Co. may be squeaky clean and adorable, but their newly-discovered (and equally alien) doubles are a bunch of pierced, tattooed punks, and in the classic tradition of Evil Twins, they screw things up royally for their goodie-two-shoes counterparts.
Luckily, the whole shebang is a two-parter, so we get even more Evil Twin antics next week with the episode “Max in the City” (Monday, 9 pm, The WB). In the meantime, though, we suggest you satisfy your need for dastardly doppelgangers by paying tribute to some of the greatest Evil Twins to grace genre TV. After all, the Double Trouble theme is a tried-and-true sci-fi staple — it’s fun, it’s kooky, and it gives an actor the chance to get down ‘n’ dirty and slap on such Evil Twin signifiers as leather pants and bad goatees.

Below, a handy guide to a few of the best variations on this theme — read, enjoy, memorize, and be sure to clue us in to your favorite lookalikes.

-Sarah Kuhn made her evil twin write this article.