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Alloy Chat With Majandra (Transcript)

Thanks to Sheila and BrendsKatt for letting me know about this. Follow the link to read the entire transcript

From Alloy.com:

Majandra Delfino
Chat with Roswell’s Majandra Delfino
October 26, 2000 6 p.m. (EST)

Moderator: Welcome, Majandra! Thanks for chatting tonight.
Majandra: Hi!
WilleSmith: Majandra, I have heard bad news about the future of Roswell. What is going on?
Majandra: Nothing bad. That’s for sure. But no news really — and no news is good news.
jrklover: Hey! Majandra, I’m your biggest fan. I love both you and Brendan. Tell me — how is he as a boyfriend?
Majandra: He’s not my boyfriend. But he’s a good kid. We’re not dating. Everybody just thinks so.
arielle: What has been your best experience while making Roswell?
Majandra: I think the experience as a whole. You could sum it up as one big great experience! Working with Jason Katims, because he’s pretty damn genius. He’s the creator and the writer of the show.
twinz215: What’s in store for Maria on this season of Roswell?
Majandra: A new love interest. Maybe someone you’ve met before.
moose: Is it fun being on the show? If u could, would u be on a different one instead?
Majandra: No. I definitely wouldn’t be on a different show. It’s lots of fun.
Roswelllover: Who are you closest with on the set?
Majandra: Brendan. And Kimmy and Rebekah — they’re the hair and makeup ladies.