Notion of cancellation alien to ‘Roswell’ fans

Thanks to Chaz for sending this in! Note, this article contains a very minor mention of something that happens next week on the show!

Only the parts relevant to Roswell are reprinted here:

Notion of cancellation alien to ‘Roswell’ fans

Dusty Saunders

From: Rocky Mtn News, Denver

Dilemma of the day: How can fans show support for TV series facing cancellation?

There’s the old-fashioned way � letters to the network. And the electronic age rage � a deluge of e-mail.

But devotees of the WB’s Roswell, hot about the fact the high-school sci-fi drama is on the endangered list, have sent more than 3,000 bottles of Tabasco hot sauce to WB programmers.

For the uninformed, the sauce is the favorite condiment of the town’s teen aliens. They sprinkle it on nearly everything.

Set in the New Mexican town where aliens landed in 1947 (you do believe that, don’t you?) Roswell recounts the adventures of teens who arrived as infants on the space craft. They mingle with sympathetic non-alien teens in ongoing cat-and-mouse suspense situations.

Premiering in September in a Wednesday night time period, Roswell started strongly in the ratings race. Like so many freshman series, it has lost its impetus as viewers have been drifting away.

The WB recently moved Roswell to Monday (8 p.m. KWGN-Channel 2) in an effort to see if fans respond. Next week’s episode deals with the use of a surveillance camera. Keep in mind we’re dealing with 1947-48 here.

While not a weekly follower of Roswell, I hope the fans’ saucy campaign works. The series has much more dramatic weight than most of the fluffy-romantic tales on the WB.

I’m more concerned with the future of ABC’s Sports Night, which, like Roswell, is on the scheduling bubble for next season.

So what can fans send ABC to indicate their support of Sports Night?

How about athletic supporters? (OK, they’re also called jock straps.)

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