TV Guide-Angel-Voiced (Dido)

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In Ananda Lewis’ “Music Talk” section she talks to Dido about her work.

Her tender songs about wounded pride and lost love make Dido an unexpected
collaberator for hip-hop bad boy Eminem. But when the controversial rapper
heard Dido’s melancholy ballad “Thank You,” off her 1999 CD No Angel, he
asked for premission to sample it in “Stan,” his chilling song about a
violent stalker. With that, their unlikely partnership began. Suddenly, the
sweet-voiced former litertary agent from London was preforming with Eminem
Saturday Night Live. Now that “Stan” is climbing the charts and Dido’s tune
“Here With Me” is gaining attention as the theme song to WB’s Roswell, her
album is approching sales of one million copies.

Ananda Lewis: Your namesake wsa the mythical queen Dido in Virgil’s Aeneid,
who threw herself into a fire because of a broken heart. Do you relate to
that kind of self-destructive romanticism?

Dido: No. People read a lot of my songs as melancholic, but I obviously have

issues because I meant a lot of it to be really positive, (yet) people come
up to me and say, “Wow, that’s so dark.” I’m like, “OK, whatever.”

AL: Why did you name your album No Angel? You’re not an angel?

Dido: It’s more to do with not being afraid to amke mistakes, and the flaws
in human beings. That’s what the songs are about – messing up and it not
being a problem.

AL: You’ve been preforming a new song, “Don’t Leave Home,” that’s not on
album, in which you sing from the point of view of a drug seducing an
addict. What inspired you?

Dido: I’ve seen a lot of people destroyed by drugs and by other addictions.
wanted to write a song that was about that sort of deep obsession.

AL: Describe exactly how your collaboration with Eminem came out.

Dido: He sent me a copy of his track “Stan” quite a few monthes before his
album came out, and asked to use (“Thank You”).

AL: Did you know who he was at the time?

Dido: Oh, yeah, I was a big fan of his first album. I thought (“Stan”) was
such a great track, I was jumpin up and down. I thought, ” I’m so lucky to
ahve such a good rapper on my song.”

AL: Did you ever feel uncomfortable about his lyrics, which some have called

homophobic, violent, and drug-crazed?

Dido: I don’t personally feel in any way offended by (them) because I just
see (them) as stories about things that happen in the world. A lot of the
great entertainers are storytellers.

Then Roswell had a brief mention in “The Robins Report”. The article was
called “Season Review: Networks Bank on a Slow Build to Success.”

“…..Such WB mainstays as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven, and
Creek are also up compared with last season. In addition, cult favorite
Roswell has recieved a full season (despite it’s lackluster numbers); the
network is expected to do likewise with Felicity and Gilmore Girls…..”