Dido Concert Coverage

Huge Thank You To Daniellan for this.

Hi! I went to the DIDO Concert at Roseland in New York yesterday, it was her
last performance of her american tour, it was great, and i was able to take
some pictures, they aren’t that great because of all the people who were
standing in front of me. But i just thought i should share them with you.

Dido was amazing she sang every song from her album and if i remember right,
3 new songs she wrote, they were excellent.

This comes from Katie-Thanks for sending this in as well :)

Hi my name is Katie and I live in Dallas, Tx. This past weekend I went
down to Austin to see Dido in concert. I got in to her because of
Roswell, and am totally happy I bought her cd..if you want to pass along
anything i say in this email, feel free.

Dido played La Zona Rosa, a small wherehouse/club…I was lucky enough
to have gotten a setlist from the show, these are the songs she played
in order:

My Lovers Gone
All You Want
Afraid To Sleep (unreleased)
Here With Me
My Life
Honestly Ok
No Angel
Don’t Leave Home
Thank You
ENCORE: Don’t Think of Me

This has been one of the best shows I have been to in a long time, she
sounds just like she does on her cd….She is very chatty with the
audience which is always good. I met her after the show and she signed
my setlist. She is totally nice and very skinny! I talked to a few
people before and after the show as well, and alot of people know she
does the theme to Roswell, but they don’t watch the show. After talking
with them and telling them what the show was about, a few said they were
going to check it out. If there are people who havent gotten Dido’s cd
yet…if you like Portishead, Bjork, or Tori Amos’ honest lyrics, then
this cd is a must have!! If you have only heard the theme song, like i
did, or Eminem’s song Stan…the cd is still worth checking out. There
is not one song you would want to skip over. If you find out Dido is
coming to your town now is a good time to see her cause she is playing
in small venues, the tickets are rather inexpensive, plus its a good way
to spread the word about Roswell.