New Season Trailer Transcript- Signs of Things to Come

Thanks to Michelle for sending this in. It’s a new promo that aired on her TV the other day. Before anyone asks – I don’t know when you may be able to see it on your TV.

Indications of things to come? What do you think? It makes me feel hopeful
– sounds as if they’re planning on the importance of good human/alien relations!

This is the script from the new fall season trailer they’ve been airing in
the NYC area; it’s read by a cryptic, mysterious voice-over as the
following scenes were shown.

Everyone has a destiny.
The question is not whether or not they know it;
. . . whether or not they fight it;
. . . whether or not they face it;
The question is whether or not they face it, Alone.

With the scenes (some of which are run backwards, for whatever reason):
“whether or not they know it:”
Max in House of Mirrors (M2TM)
Isabel from a dream sequence (4S?)
Bridge jumping M&L (Destiny)
Car chase (Destiny)

“Whether or not they fight it;”
Max in tub of ice water (WR)
Iz waking in horror from pregnancy dream (4S)
(Intercut with scenes of MommyGram from Destiny)

“Whether or not they face it;”
Max & Liz in Lab at school (TLV)
Max in the white room (street clothes – – end of M2TM)
Maria waiting in Crashdown (WR?)
Michael exploding lightbulb while trying to change fingerprint (WR)
Iz dreamwalking – Max about to show her the identity of Pierce (WR)
Nacedo images as Bad Max kisses Liz

“The question is, whether or not they face it . . . alone.” (fade to jazzy
electronic music)
Michael kissing Isabel in dream sequence, he pulls away, they look at
each other (4S)
TicTac Nacedo transforming into the backpacker (Crazy)
Michael killing Pierce, Pierce flying backwards (Destiny)
Max & Iz jumping up as Michael bursts in through the window (4S)
Reviving Nacedo with the healing stones in the Pod Cave (Destiny)
Michael & Iz in dream, Michael is beckoning (4S)
Burning gas pump (M2TM)
Podsters lined up, viewing the MommyGram (Destiny)
Four of them on the spots from the diagram, camera zooms around (4S,
Woman at carnival caught in the blue beam of the whirlwind galaxy
signal (M2TM)
Max & Liz running (from original pilot not aired – one of the scenes
from the opening credits, but we’ve never seen in any of the
episodes they aired)