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David Nutter Shares Roswell Casting Story

Thanks to Rosey for this:

“Check out this interview where David Nutter talks about casting Roswell in one of the questions.”

[…] It’s no secret that “Supernatural’s” Jensen Ackles came close to landing the Clark Kent role in “Smallville.” Do you have any other similar casting stories?

The casting situation that comes to mind for me is, I was doing the “Roswell” pilot. Jason Behr is a tremendous actor and we couldn’t have done the show without him. He was exactly right for the role. But, early on in the process, before we even had the chance to meet Jason, an actor came in and read for the role. I thought he was perfect. Jason Katims thought he was perfect. We brought him in to the network and they just didn’t think much of him and that he wasn’t right for the role. I was definitely let down by that, because it was Heath Ledger.


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