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Supermans are hard to find

On CNN.com there’s an article about “Supermans are hard to find”. They wrote:

Some, like Law and Hartnett, considered and then rejected the role, in part out of fear of sight-unseen sequel commitment. Other contenders like Fraser and former “Roswell” actor Jason Behr are still interested, but not holding their super-freezing breath waiting for “Superman” to finally come together.

Everybody is aware of the fact that they’ve been trying to redo that for a long, long time,” Behr told an audience two weeks ago at the Comic-Con International in San Diego. “So, you know, until things happen they happen.”

This are todays Poll Results of “Who would make the best Superman?”

James Caviezel – 18% – 5172 votes
Nicolas Cage – 2% – 650 votes
Brendan Fraser – 12% – 3554 votes
Josh Hartnett – 5% – 1313 votes
Jason Behr – 3% – 814 votes
Tom Welling – 55% – 15586 votes
Matt Damon – 5% – 1389 votes