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Jason Behr In Man Of God

Jason Behr in “Man of God”. Produced by, Written by and Directed by Jefery Levy.

Thanks to Director Jefery Levy for the following information

“Man of God” starring Peter Weller, Nikki Reed, Omar Benson Miller Michael, Rachel Miner, Court Young, and Jason Behr was filmed from mid October thru mid November of 2003.

The film “Man of God” — which is a very deep, spiritual film in which Jason is amazing — will be completed in June, and submitted to festivals during the next half year. Hopefully, it will be released in theatres in 2005.

MAN OF GOD is about people who are trying to be GOOD HUMAN BEINGS, while feeling overwhelmed by all the hatred and violence and seemingly meaningless insanity that surrounds them in this world.

Jason will be on screen for about an hour. His role is very important/pivotal to the plot.

For Roswell fans: Jefery Levy directed the Episode “To Serve and Protect” in Season 2.

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