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Anakin Already Cast?

Thanks to Tara for sending this in!


Natasa Micuda writes in today with some info from the paper TV Media in Austria. Natasa explains that Anakin has been chosen, and it will be Colin Hanks, the son of actor Tom Hanks. Apparently Lucas has already had a few “talks” with the 22 year-old Colin. To add to this rumor, Episode-X has a source that reports:

Roswell’s Colin Hanks will be Anakin Skywalker! This bit on insider news comes from a source close to me and very close to Colin Hanks’s agent. Not only has Hanks been to the Skywalker Ranch many times, he is now about to close the deal for his pay. He will be among the many to read with Portman this weekend, and if the chesmistry is right he will sign next week.”

Here’s an update. I just got word from an insider at Lucasfilm that the role of Anakin Skywalker has, indeed, been cast.


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