New “Here With Me” video released

Thanks to Shandi for sending this in!

From the Dido August 2000 Email Update:

We just wanted to let you know that the new video for “Here With Me” has now been completed and can now be seen on VH1, where it will be played approximately 20 times a week! MTV are also considering it, and are very close, although they haven’t officially added it yet. MTV loves to hear from the fans, so feel free to request it whenever you want! Dido loves this one and she hopes that you do too.

Also, as some of you know, Dido has been nominated as “Hot Diva” on the Rolling Stone
online site, and is currently #1 in the voting. If you want to vote, you can go to: Hot Diva Poll

Also, be sure to check out this recent Billboard Article on Dido.

And finally, Dido and the rest of us want to thank you all for attending the shows, your
numerous kind words, and for bringing her album, NO ANGEL, to reach Gold status in the United States. That’s 500,000 copies sold, thanks to all of you! Dido and the rest of us couldn’t have done it without you. We also want to apologize again to all of you in the Atlanta area for the postponed show. Dido looks forward to coming back to see you all again soon.