LeadingMajandra Delfino

Majandra Music Mania No.5

Thanks to Sheila and Anthony for this:

Hello everyone. Happy New year!

Let me apologize for not officially releasing the site address until
now. Before I left for vacation last week and the site was not yet
ready. I am still not back and the site is still not completely bug
proof but it is working for enough to go ahead and announce the
address- www.majandrasmusic.com

When I get back next week I will do what I can to make the site work
smoothly. Until then I can’t promise anything so please don’t write
and tell me it is not working. Everyone has different systems and until
we are finished with more tests I won’t be able to tell anyone
what is wrong.

Just be patient and I will do my best when I get back.

Thanks, Anthony

to answer a few questions- I am getting reports of AOL people not
getting these messages. Don’t worry you are on the list and when
the CD comes out I will know who you are. If you don’t get this it does
not mean you are not in the Camp.

The t-shirts and posters should be ready by Feb 1 and the CD by March
1. Majandra schedual is always changing so I can’t promise

To everyone who can’t access the web site I will be taking order
directly when the time comes.