Personal Note From Me (With Little Roswell Information)

I apologize for the lack of daily updates lately :( January is the start of a busy season for me with TCA Press Tour starting (for me) tomorrow and all the awards shows that will be airing in the next few months.

Let’s just say the next 3 weeks are going to be extremely busy for me with me commuting to Press Tour and to my office and back home. Plus I have the American Music Awards to cover on Monday so I will try to update as much as I can but please be patient if I can’t get to posting everything right away that’s sent in.

Speaking of Press Tour, here’s the list of attendees as of Thursday from “Roswell” who will be attending the party tomorrow night that I will be at. (Though it doesn’t mean that the others won’t come–the last time, the entire cast showed up and only a few were scheduled to..)


~Jason Behr
~Majandra Delfino
~Brendan Fehr
~William Sadler
~Jonathan Frakes

I got a digital for the holidays so if I have any pictures, I’ll try to upload any that I have to show you the scene at the party :)