Brendan FehrLeadingMajandra Delfino

Brendan and Majandra In Teen People

Thanks to everyone who let me know Majandra and Brendan were in Teen People and thanks to XrOSWELLfan for sending this in:

Im sure youv already gotten this but in the Februrary 2001 issue of Teen
People there is a 8 page feature on Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino. It
starts on page 112 and is called ‘Shades of Love’. There are some extremly
cute pictures of them modeling clothes and the little excerpt on the first
page reads..

“How Sweet: Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fher– AKA couple du jour on TV’s
Roswell– Get romantic in lovely, perfect-for-Ferurary-14 fashion.Sparks have
been said to fly between these two off-camera as well, but the on-again,
off-again couple say their just pals these days. When they met 2 years ago on
the Roswell set, It was hardly a fast friendship. “I hated Brendan when I
first met him,” says Majandra, recalling Brendan’s initial standoffishness.
“He was like ‘Girls have cooties!’. I told the producers not to put us in any
scenes together.” So much for that, these days, fans of the sci-fi drama
demand– and get– many a scene with their alter egos, Maria and Micheal.