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The making of “Traffic” will be on Showtime Tuesday,January 9 at 8:30
pm. Check listings for time. Don’t know if they will show Majandra , but
it could be good.

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Note: “Traffic” is the movie Majandra Delfino of The WB’s Roswell is in.



by Stephen Farber

This has been a remarkable year for Steven Soderbergh. These days most directors struggle to make a movie every three or four years. Yet Soderbergh released two excellent movies in the year 2000–first the critical hit and crowd-pleasing Erin Brockovich, and now the ambitious ensemble drama, Traffic, which was named best movie of the year by the New York Film Critics.

Traffic is the more enterprising of the two movies, with a complicated narrative structure and visual design. Soderbergh and screenwriter Stephen Gaghan intercut three separate stories dealing with the international drug trade. They delve into the intrigue within a Mexican cartel, the travails of American narcotics agents and the disease of addiction that keeps the traffic thriving. Soderbergh juggles dozens of characters with ease, and he helps us to keep our bearings by filming each story in a distinct visual style. These three stories rarely intersect, but they add up to a larger picture of the futility of the international drug war than we could possibly get from a single story.

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Traffic opens in theaters on friday the 5th. just in case you didn’t know