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Who Says Roswell Rocks?

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From: YM, March 2000

Who Says Roswell Rocks?
Fans, sure. But find out what the out-of-this-world cast members love about
their show. By Alyssa Vitrano

When Roswell landed on the WB last fall, it was clear that the show was going
to stir up sensation here on planet Earth. Never before have aliens been so
smart, so sensitive, so … swoonworthy. But the kids at Roswell High offer
much more than mere view pleasure. Every week, the very human
extraterrestrial provide a cool way to explore some of the toughest battles
of teen life: the struggle to figure out where you fit in, the fear of
exposing your true self (no matter how bizarre), and the devastation of
falling for someone who’s a different species! Just think of Max and Liz as
the Romeo and Juliet of TV land. But hey, don’t take our word for it.
Here’s why actors themselves think Roswell rules.

Tapping Into Teen Power
“Any teenager growing up and changing and experiencing life hasn’t yet
realized his or her own potential. On the show, the aliens are learning what
their powers are and trying to figure out where they fit in this world and
what they can achieve. You can apply that situation to a lot of people in
high school.” Jason Behr (Max)

Bud Bonding
“I’m really excited about the friendship between Liz and Maria. They’re best
friends till the end, and it’s nice to see girls like and trust each other on
TV, on be catty. I’ve had some really close girlfriends growing up, and those
friendships are what keep me going.” Shiri Appleby (Liz)

Dealing With Differences
“The whole alien – outcast theme allows us to explore the issue of prejudice.
People in Roswell are afraid of aliens and don’t see them for who they are;
they see what they think they are. And that’s really the basis of all
prejudice. Maybe kids will watch this and start to be more understanding and
compassionate toward each other.” – Katherine Heigl (Isabel)

Explaining The Strange
“The plot’s sort of reassuring. I had a teacher in high school who I swore
was from another planet – he always looked and acted the same, never had
moods. So it would make more sense to find out some people aren’t of this
world!” – Majandra Delfino (Maria)

Exploring The Unknown
“Aliens and the supernatural are things we know very little about, so a
well-done sci-fi show shapes and molds our views. You go watch a movie based
on any significant historic period and you know what happens. But with this
you don’t know what to expect, what the aliens can do. There is no right
answer.” – Brendan Fehr (Michael)


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