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Shiri Interview and “Roswell” mentioning

TV.com Staff Writer Louis Peitzman had a conversation with Shiri Appleby about her show “Life Unexpected” which airs Tuesdays at 9/8 c on The CW. The reporter spoke to Appleby about Cate’s major life changes, Life Unexpected’s growth, and yes—how Liz and Max are faring after all these years.

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Since we were talking about marriage, I have to ask—and I hope you’ll forgive me for asking a Roswell question—are Max and Liz still happily married?
Oh, you’re so cute. Yes. Wouldn’t it be great to do Liz and Max, 10 years later?

The other day, I mentioned to Liz Tigelaar, “Bring Jason Behr on the show!”

I was going to ask if there was any chance of getting him to guest star.
I would love it. I would love to work with him again. I think it would probably freak Kris [Polaha] out, because maybe I have more chemistry with Jason than I do with him.


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One thought on “Shiri Interview and “Roswell” mentioning

  • Anne Marie

    It would be funny that the Life Unexpected crew went on a trip to Roswell, NM and ran into Jason Behr – an old boyfriend from ten years prior at the UFO museum? It would have good potential for a lot of Roswell Eastereggs especially for us Roswellians.

    On a side note… last season on LifeUnexpected, I forgot which episode it was, but Shiri had a line where she said something like, “I thought you got kidnapped by … terrorists or something.” I was wondering to myself if the line was really “kidnapped by aliens”. There was a slight pause between kidnapped and terrorist (I think it was terrorists) and was wondering if it was really “aliens” instead.

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