Roswell Behind The Scenes Of “Wipe Out”

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Behind The Scenes Of “Wipe Out”

Go to they have a new section where you can go behind the scene’s of Roswell’s “Wipe Out”.
How does a Roswell episode get from a writer’s mind to the television screen? The process may be much harder than you think.
The WB has made a few scenes of Wipeout available from the actual shooting script beginning with Scene 54. Read each scene and click on certain passages and you will see the storyboards that were conceived before shooting.

Afterwards, watch the Quicktime clip of the actual scene compared with the storyboards. Let us know what you think by dropping us an e-mail.

Also someone sent this in and it was posted under the “Noise” section at the wb:

Dear WB,

I thought A Roswell Christmas Carol was so sweet.It got me thinking about little children with Cancer and made me thank God that I am not sick like that. When Max healed all of the children it made me wish I had powers to heal sick children around the world. Roswell Rocks!

Colleen, 14