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J-14 Revealing Q&A With Roswell Hottie Jason Behr

Thanks to Patamon4u for this!

From j14.com:

May 17,2000


J-14:Does it get overwhelming to know that there are people setting up Jason
Behr websites everywhere?
Jason:It’s very flattering.Again it’s not something you expect, but people
don’t have to do it; they don’t have to invest their time and energy to
create these things. But they do it because they’re passionate about the

J-14:How would you say the character of Max has evolved since the beginning
of the season?
Jason:In the beginning, he was the conscience of the group. Ithink he learned
over the course of this year that he can’t always take positions and always
tell people what the right things to do are, or what the wrong things to do
are. He has learned not to be as controlling.

J-14:Did Max change in ways that were sort of unexpected to you in the
Jason:It seemed like a natural course. They always throw us curve balls; we
never know what’s happening from one script to the next.

J-14:So you don’t know the grand scheme?
Jason:No. I’m not sure if they don’t know or if they’re keeping it a
tightly-bound secret.

J-14:I’ve heard you’re a fan of all this stuff.
Jason:I think the idea of aliens living among us is very appealing. If it was
true, how would they be accepted? People are afraid of what they don’t know
and have to face that fear in order to deal with them and the situation.

J-14:They’ve been talking about upping the sci-fi aspect of the show and
downplaying the romance.Do you think that’s the right way to go?
Jason:I think there will always be a balance. That’s important. But if we
sway more to the science fiction side of it or the X-File side of it, that’s
find with me.

J-14:Are there any directions you’d like to see the show go in the second
Jason:I think the ways things have been going would be a find way to
continue, as long as there’s a balance of science fiction/thriller with heart
while keeping it as human as possible.

J-14:You really seem positive about the show.
Jason:I love it. As an actor, you go out there and you want to work. This
show is just such a good thing-creatively and emotionally. I feel like one of
the luckiest people around.


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