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Random Cast Sightings Update

Thanks to Megami who sent this in yesterday:

Jason was on a rerun of JAG today on USA networks. He played a young
midshipman who got in trouble for playing a prank by stealing a mascot
goat. The goat died, and hence him having to go in front of the “JAG”
lawyers to help him get out of trouble. And by the way, you know what
they say about a man in uniform? Its about 10,000X more powerful when
that man is Jason Behr! He was so adorable!!

Thanks to Allyson for this:

Devon Gummersall who plays Sean on Roswell so stars with Kirsten Dunst and
Michelle Williams in the comedy movie “Dick.”

Thanks to Kuper for this:

hey i just wanted to let everyone know that you can catch shiri appleby on bonjovie’s It’s My Life music video…she looks great!

Thanks to ShannonB for this:

Did you know the actor who played Nasedo was in “Magnolia?” He is the man with Claudia in her first few scenes.

Thanks to ddkaster for these:

I was watching Bill and Ted’s bogus adventure and I realized that the guy who plays death, and one other guy is actually William Sadler.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that in the movie The Other Sister Shiri Appleby has a short part as a sample girl.

I was watching as good as it gets and I noticed that the woman who askes Jack Nicolson how he rates women so well is actually the woman who plays Topolsky!