Coming to A TV Near You

Thanks to Patamon4u, luvbehr


May 19, 2000


It’s an exciting time in TV land. Just as all of your faves roll out their
hyped season finales, the nets are telling you what to look forward to after
a rerun-packed summer. Last week they announced which shows they’re
dropping, which they’re renewing and what they’re adding. Here are some of
the highlights:

WB:Roswell fans can start dousing their food with tobasco
sauce instead of sending it to the Frog network cuz the teen alien drama
is staying. And good news for Felicity followers: your favorite campus cutie
has also passed the test, joining Buffy, Angel, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven,
Charmed, and Popular. Felicity will continue to run on Wednesdays through
December, after which Jack and Jill will take over until Felicity returns in
April. Got that? Shows new to the network: Young Americans , the new
boarding school drama starrind Dawson’s Creek’s Rodney Scott; Gilmore Girls, a family drama; Grosse Point, a behind-the scenes comedy about a soap opera set; a sketch-comedy series called Hype; a comedy starring Norm’s Nikki Cox; and it’s picking up ABC’s Sabrina, The Teenage Witch; and Fox’s The PJs.


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