Additional Magazine Information

Thanks to Christy for these:

There is a article on Shiri in the March 2001 issue of J-14 Magazine. The
article is on Page 40. Here are the words about Shiri on that page.

Quote:”I lost who I was because I was trying to be so many things for so many
people.” On the picture of Shiri:Two of Shiri’s biggest acting jobs were
commercials for Cheerios and M&M’s.

Heading:Shiri Appleby
Is this Roswell star afraid of stardom?

Article: Roswell’s alien-loving Shiri Appleby admits that she had a
difficult time coping with sudden fame,but she has since learned
to handle the pressures of being a star.

The idea of people discussing her on the internet,her face
adorning magazine covers and journalistswanting to interview was
just plain overwhelming. “I was frightned,”she tells us. “I was just
20 years old and had never done an interview.

Maybe this sounds weird,but I never went into acting to become
famous. I genuinely like to act. But all of a sudden,I wasn’t in
college anymore and I had all of these expectations put on me. I
felt like I had to please so many people that I was losing sight of
why I wanted to act in the first place.”

What changed the situation? She spent her Roswell hiatus starring
in a low-budget drama A Time For Dancing,based on the famous
book. “It was a project that allowed me to act,”Shiri explains.
“There was no pressure and no studio watching the dailies. I
actually got a chance to relax. Then I had a month off before I
went back to Roswell,so I got to hang out with my friends again.
Finally,I said,’Okay,I can do this.’ I think I just needed to get
back to being myself.”

Brendan Fehr in Winter 2001 of All About You Magazine.
Page 26.
On Picture it says Roswell’s Brendan Fehr.
Below it says a quote-“Do you think this fashion statement will work?”

In winter 2001 of All about you magazine on page 42 there is a quiz on r u
ready for a boyfriend. Question 4 mentions Roswell. 4.Would you much rather
study at the library with him than catch a new episode of Roswell? Of course
my answer was no. Thought you’d like the info just in case.

Thanks to Blondie1592 for this:

In the March issue of JUMP there is a section on “styles” of guys and under
shy guys they mention Jason Behr