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Roswell Cast Pop-ups and Addition

Thanks to Catherine for this:

I was just reading my mom’s people magazine and Majandra is in the section
called ‘style watch’ (page #87)
the article is called ‘Plaid tididngs’ because everyone on the page is
wearing plaid.

Thanks to Sydney for this :)

Hey I am watching ER now and i saw John Doe’s (plays Mr.Parker) name at
the bottom of the screen during the credits and then saw him as some
sort of counciler for one of the Doctors! Just thought you’d like to
know if you don’t already……

Thanks to lovely_gal23 for this :)

Taken from SoapZone.com:

The new season of primetime dramatic hit Roswell has Rebecca Herbst
(Elizabeth, GH) on, by the fifth episode. She’ll hang out as a guest star
for about seven shows.

Thanks to Steff for this :)

I don’t know if you guys remember an old episode of the show Step by Step when they had two actors portraying Beavis and Butthead. Well, the actor who played Butthead was Jason Behr. I know shocked me too. Just thought you might like to know in case you didn’t.