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Send In Roswell Bloopers/Errors

I am going to post the book reviews I’ve been getting in–keep sending them to me. But I won’t get a chance to until this weekend at the earliest (I have to leave the house until tonight since it’s my parents’ 32nd anniversary today…) But first, to give everyone who reads this site some more ways to submit their imput, I’m asking for all the die-hard and devoted fans (yes, that includes everyone who watches the show–what else would us Roswellians be? :) )

I was going though my old Dawson’s site (not DCD but my old site that I no longer update mainly because yahoo screwed up my account) and I found my old Dawson’s bloopers section with all the errors that could be found on the show for the first season (told ya the site was old-hehe)

I’m thinking it would be interesting to see what gaffes everyone spotted from the first three seasons of the show. I know many of you probably already discuss this with each other–now let’s have all the bloopers you find on one page. :)

For example, from the pilot episode, if you notice, when Max heals Liz from the gunshot wound, he uses his left hand but later on when Liz lifts up her shirt, the silverhandprint is clearly from a right hand.

Send them in to me via
I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone sends in–just be sure to tell me the episode it’s from so I can post it under the correct episode.