Roswell Fans and PCF Join Forces *Must Read*

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the entire Save Roswell committee who has and will be keeping me informed about this special cause. Please think about helping any way you can:

Roswell fans and Pediatric Cancer Foundation join forces

Roswell fans across the country can help make a
young cancer patient’s dream come true. We have joined
forces with Pediatric Cancer Foundation (showcased on
‘A Roswell Christmas Carol’) which aired on December
18th. The organization is very touched by the many
responses they have received from Roswell fans
everywhere in the way of e-mails, letters, donations
and toys arriving just in time for the holidays.

In an effort to help further support this very
worthy cause, we will be sponsoring a young cancer
patient’s wish (also a fan of the show Roswell!). The
final details are being worked out, but we assure you
this will be one ‘feel good’ project everyone will be
happy to be involved in. In the next few weeks, we
will provide you with the name and photo of the child
we will be sponsoring and possibly some personal
information, based on what they are willing to share

We have arranged for the child and his or her
family to visit the set of Roswell during filming as
well as a tour of Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA.
The trip will also include a two-day visit to
Disneyland, all expenses paid.

It will cost several thousand dollars to make this
child’s wish possible and we need all the help we can
get. We are hopeful that Roswell fans will help by
making a monetary donation, if possible. Donations
will be shared between paying the cost of the child’s
wish as well as funding for ongoing pediatric
research, Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s main cause.

Donations should be made payable to Pediatric
Cancer Foundation. Please mail to:

Pediatric Cancer Foundation
405 Tarrytown Road, PMB 572
White Plains, NY 10607-1313

For every dollar donated, will mail
you a postcard which you can then mail out to help
campaign for the show. Each postcard will be
completely filled out for you, and will include a
space where you can write a personalized message if
you wish. If you donate $20, you will receive 20
postcards! The postcards will be designed by the
Campaign Crew in partnership with Pediatric Cancer
Foundation. Be sure to identify yourself as a Roswell
fan and include your name and address so that we know
where to mail you the postcards.

If you are not able to make a monetary donation,
please know that there are many other things you can
do to help. If you would like more information about
this campaign, please visit

Roswell fans CAN make a difference!


The Campaign Crew