PCF Fundraiser on UPN News

Thanks to Kaye for this :)

Was just scrolling through the UPN affiliate site mentioned in another news
item, and found this story. Thought it was kinda cool that we’ve only been
there a week or so, and they really do see how much we love this show, and

Here’s the story…

Grateful Roswell Fans Donate to Charity

Wed, May 23, 2001 02:06 AM EDT

by Jason R. Nason; UPN 11 News

At the end of last season when fans feared that The WB would cancel Roswell,
the loyal viewers bombarded the offices of the network with thousands of
bottles of tobasco sauce to show their support of the show. As this season
came to an end Roswell was again threatened with cancellation but this time
fans sent their sauce to UPN, which picked up the series for a third season.
Now the fans of this teen science fiction series are showing their support
and thanks to UPN in a big way, without the sauce. The Roswell fanatics of Fan
Forum have organised a new campaign to thank the United Paramount Network for
picking up their favourite show. Fans are encouraged to send in a charitable
contribution to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation to show their thanks. “We
thought about buying an ad in Variety, or another paper, but the time for
that will be when it can help to get more viewers. And this campaign will not
only say thank you to the UPN, but it will help fight the battle against a
terrible disease. All of the money donated is tax deductible, and will go to
research to fight pediatric cancer.”The campaign will run until June 1st at
which time the PDF will send UPN a letter informing them of what Roswell fans
did.Contributions can be made in U.S. funds and sent to:


Let’s show them how much we appreciate them – and help the children. There’s
still time to donate!