OKI Tristate Roswellian Gathering-Raised $1300+

Thanks to Sweet Jo for this :)

OKI Tristate Roswellian Gathering-Raised $1300+ for the PCF

Last Saturday, April 28th the OKI (OH/KY/IN) Roswellians had a gathering in Cincinnati. We originally set out to have a great fan party and to raise money fo the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.
WE DID IT !!! We had an alien blast! Plus we raised alot of money for the PCF!
$1300+ WHOO HOO!

Highlights of the evening were:
The Shiri signed hat went for $100 (You still wearing it Andy??)

The signed cast pic fetched $150 (Ashley, you go girl!)

The S2 Cast pic signed by everyone except Emilie brought in $70 (Alright Josh!)

Blaine kicked the CRAP out of KIVAR…leaving a sweet mess for us to pick up! Then after Kivar tried to KILL Shannen, SweetNakita1 (Cindy) & SweetJo (Joy) took Kivar out. Ding Dong! Kivar is dead! The wicked old Kivar…

Secret~Keeper (Momma) said, “Oh all the blood!! Good thing she didn’t lose the finger!”

Shannen said, “Yes, it’s true, it’s true…Kivar did attempt to take me out. So we also learned that even though an alien has been beheaded and appears to be harmless, WATCH OUT! They can still inflict damage! Oh, and we also learned that hotel staff doesn’t really like it when you march into the bar and yell, ‘We need first aid!!’ ”

Shannen our lovely raffle announcer extraordinaire!

Everyone walked away with something!

For more wonderful highlight stories of the evening visit

The OKI gathering also included a trip to see the Forsaken on Sunday!

Pictures from the party will be posted later this week :)

THANKS to the OKI Staff:

Ashley-Thanks for the cake and make sure you tell you sister thanks for us! She did an awesome job =0) I loved the alien symbols

Cindy-Oh girl! You crack me up! Now, I know for sure that you are a real person. Everyone give a huge round of applause to our SPONSOR NAZI !!!!!

Tamia-You are the Momma! Go Tamia-thanks for all the very hard work you have done. BTW-your CD’s are awesome =0) If it wasn’t for you Momma we may never have had this wonderful party. THANKS SO MUCH MOMMA!

Patti-You go girl! I think you won more than me in the raffle-LOL! I am proud to be the JOY TOY for you and Cindy btw-LOL! You did an awesome job on the games! They must have taken hours to make!

Maeve-YOU ROCK! Thanks for all the great stuff you made! I just got to really read the party book yesterday on the way back home. I thought the book was great before but OMB IT WAS SO AWESOME!! BTW-I don’t remember who but I know someone basically came to the party to win one of your Crashdown waitress uniforms-LOL!

Adam-I love you so much! You did an awesome job! Thanks for handling
the video camera and the AV equipment and letting us borrow your laptop. THANKS FOR RUNNING AROUND DOING EVERYTHING FOR ME!

Shannen-Girl you are so silly! You did a wonderful job playing announcer for the raffles and auctions! Thanks for all the cool stuff you got for the party =0) I think you might be our SPONSOR NAZI IN TRAINING!

John-You are awesome! I hope you made it home ok! I also hope you were able to wake up for work-LOL! Thanks for all your hard work on the party!

SPECIAL THANKS- Thanks to Missy (trivia), Carol (pre-party prep), Josh (pre-party prep), Dee (raffle help) for all your hard work too. If I forgot anyone I am really sorry. Just yell at me!

BIG THANKS-I would like to give a big thanks to the following people and companies:
Jason Katims
Jonathan Frakes
Nick Wechsler- We you!
William Sadler
Tabasco Co.-
Mudd Jeans-
Alien Zone (Roswell, NM)
Moletown Hollywood Studio Store –
Roswell Undercover-
ENMUR Eastern New Mexico University Roswell-
Antenna Balls The Original- HAPPYBALLS!
UFO Watch Tower-
Power Star Merchandise-
WB 64 WSTR Cincinnati-
WB 26 WBDT Dayton-
WB 55 WBNX Cleveland-
UPN53 WWHO Columbus-

I really hope I didn’t forget anyone! THANK YOU ALL

Oh yeah-The video we made was 2 hours long The video quality isn’t the best I have ever seen, but we have quite a few cute moments on it. I think we may have the infamous grabbing scene on tape-it was during our “photo shoot”!


Lots of Love,
The OKI Staff