Chicago Summer Party and LA Season Finale Info

Thanks to Matt for this. Just doing what was asked. If you’re interested in attending the LA Party, scroll down.

I know this was already sent, but you please put it in the main news section on the front page of Crashdown?

Thank you so much!

Date: June 23, 2001
Time: 3PM Central – 12 AM Central
Location: The Holiday Inn Express in Downers Grove, IL
Cost: $30 (Includes food, 1 free raffle ticket, as
well as a gift bag with lots of surprises, and of
course, lots of fun!)

Roswellians, get ready for the Roswell Chicago Summer
Party! We will be having a blast watching Roswell
episodes, eating delicious food, meeting other Roswell
fans! We will also have games, quizzes, and other fun

One of the main events will be a charity raffle to
benefit the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. There will be
a variety of prizes and all the profits will go
towards the PCF!

For more information, updates, and to ORDER TICKETS*,
Roswell Chicago Party

*Deadline to order tickets will be June 1st. Any
ticket orders after that will be charged a late fee or
may not be able to attend due to populous


It is official–LA will have a season finale party and anyone and everyone is invited to attend that wants to come. There was a hold on the party information while some things were cleared up but now nothing can stop L.A. from holding a blow-out season finale party of our own :)

The location and time will be announced shortly but it will be held May 21st (the day of the season finale) for sure. The cost will no more than $20.00.

If you’re interested in coming, send an email to with the following information. I’ll send you a confirmation e-mail with all the details as soon as I process your email.

What is you FanForum Name?
Your Real Name (first and last)
Are you Under 18
E-Mail Address:

If you are bringing a guest:

Guest’s Name:
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What would you like to see at the party in terms of food/drinks/entertainment?