Article: An out-of-this-world guilty pleasure

On the North by Northwestern website in it’s weekly Pop Culture Confessional column a Roswell article has been published. In this column, the authors can divulge and indulge in their most deeply embarrassing cultural passion — and then tell you why it actually rocks. Everyone has a few dirty little secrets. Only the truth shall set us free.

Roswell reminds me why it’s okay that I don’t have a secretly alien boyfriend or a top-secret contingent of the FBI after me. Maybe being ordinary is a lot better than I thought it was.

Make sure to read the article in full! Please follow this link: An out-of-this-world guilty pleasure

If you like to tell us about the first time you watched “Roswell” and why you’re still into the show, please go to “Roswell” – 10th Anniversary and add a comment.

Thanks a lot to Karla86 for submitting this link via Twitter!