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“Last Day Of Summer” – Trailer

As already reported, “The Last Day Of Summer” premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival on October 24, 2009. Now, a trailer can be found online.

In this movie William plays Mr. Crolick, the employer of DJ Qualls character Joe. This indie comedy will be released first quarter of 2010.

Nikki Reed stars as Stephanie, a beautiful girl who is kidnapped by a fast food employee, Joe (DJ QUALLS), in LAST DAY OF SUMMER.

Joe had a plan. He was finally going to take revenge on his boss (WILLIAM SADLER), when a quick glance from Stephanie (NIKKI REED) sends him in another direction. Instead of erupting into a violent spree, he kidnaps this feisty, beautiful stranger, and as she is held captive in a motel room, she helps Joe open-up and explore the causes of his suffering.

Watch the trailer:

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“Last Day of Summer” screens at Hollywood Film Festival, October 9th, 2009