Roswell – Roswell, The Departure

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IGN has a nice review of Roswell here:

IGN Review

Roswell, The Departure

The Tabasco-lovin’ teens blast off for UPN.

May 22, 2001

The Departure
Airing Date

As with last year, our little Roswellians close things off in a mad dash of extreme sci-fi cheese…and that’s a good thing.
Make no mistake — I wish they would play up this element more often, and not concentrate so much on lame things like the prom. Maybe next year, when they’re all UPN-ed out. Anyway, as we begin the ep, please note that Michael and Maria are the ones doing the re-capping — this furthers my theory that these two have slowly become the true heart of the show. Cutie poster couple Max and Liz are just window dressing.