Various Tidbits Of Dido Information

Thanks to Persephone for this:

I went to Dido’s sold out concert in Copenhagen, Denmark last night.
It was even better than the CD.

she had a turntable and this guy was scratching away – it just brought out
something extra in the music and gave it a bit of an edge.

the musicians seemed really psyked about everything and you could just tell
that everybody gave 200%.

Dido herself seemed totally nice, and had a good humor – this guy yelled “I
love you!!” at her and she was like, “Well, I love you too – in that very
special way…yeah, anyway – ”

her new song “Don’t leave home” is gonna be a major hit!

When they played “Here with me” they made the blue lights make that twirly
sign like the one on the orbs, and the one that River Dog showed them in the
grass. pretty cool!

Well I just wanted to share…

Thanks to DolphinBVA for this: did a Top 20 Love Songs list and Dido’s ‘Here With Me’ is on it.
Here’s the link GetMusic Top 20 Love Songs Also, on AOL you can nominate your
favorite love song, I saw Dido listed on the message board a couple of times.

Thanks to T. Essi for this:

Dido information from Finland… Dido’s song Here with me is number one in jyrki countdown chart! Go vote for her In the show they also mentioned that Here with me is Roswell’s theme song.

Thanks to ~*Kaitlin*~ for this:

As I was looking my February issue of Teen People (the same mag. with the
8-page layout of Brendan and Majandra) I saw a page that featured Dido. It’s
on page 46 and it just talks about her debut CD and how “Here With Me” was
tapped to be the theme song of “Roswell”. It also talks some about Eminem
and Dido’s song “Thank You” being use on his song “Stan”. At the bottom of
the page it gives the lyrics to “Thank You”.