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Sci Fi: Heigl Awaits Roswell Word

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From Scifi.com:

Heigl Awaits Roswell Word

Katherine Heigl, who plays Isabel in The WB’s teen alien series Roswell,
told SCI FI Wire that she’s hoping the network picks the series up for a
third year, though there’s been no word yet. “Not yet,” Heigl said while
promoting her upcoming film Valentine. “We’re going through the same thing
we went through last year. I’m fairly confident that it will be picked up. I
hope the fans are, too. I hope the network is, too.”

Heigl said that the show is shooting the 16th episode of this season’s 21.
“I think that you’re going to see some major changes in Isabel’s life and in
who she is,” Heigl added. “It’s going well. It’s a lot of work. I don’t even
remember what’s it like anymore to have a normal life and normal hours a
day. But it’s going well. I think the show is finding its groove, which I’m
glad about.”

Heigl added that she values the support of fans, who came together last year
for a party to benefit charity. “Seriously, I was a Beatle that night,” she
said. “I was huge that night. I was famous that night. That was fun. It was
really exciting that they did that. … We had people coming from the
Midwest, from the East Coast. We had people coming from Japan. We had them
from all over. … It was [surreal]. Omigod. We got up on stage, and the
applause and the standing ovation and the roar of the crowd, I was like, ‘I
could get used to this. This is good. Yeah! This is why I’m here!'”