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In J-14 April 2001

Page 23: Mermaid Ringlets-(Majandra picture) caption on pic-Deep sea beauty: Majandra Delfino makes a splash with her dreamy tendrils.

Above style tips: Majandra’s got the whole mermaid thing going on Sang her sea-inspired style by following these steps….
1.) Wrap sections of wet hair in curling rods. For thick hair use smaller pieces.
2.) Set for 1 hour or blowdry on low for a half-hour. Seperate curls with fingers.
3.) Use curling spray to pump up volume and hold curls in place. Scrunch in with fingers.
4.) To keep curls from going limp, spray in strong-hold harispray.

Page 38
Jason Behr pic with horiscope

Page 80 Game –

Where is the town of Roswell located? New York: Move ahead one New Mexico move ahead two (Jason’s head pic)

Page 99
(Majandra pic she’s in a short white t-shirt dress) “Majandra Delfino slips into slides.

Page 103
Colin Hanks in a picture from the move “Get Over it”

Page 104 Roswell made #7 on the best TV show list and Jason Behr made #5 for hottest TV star

Page 108

“Colin-No “Tom” Boy here (Colin’s pic)

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Roswell’s Colin Hanks loves and is extremely close to and proud of his Acadamy Award-winning father Tom. THe 22-year old up and comer just wishes he could escape the “Tom’s son” label.
As a member of his high school soccer team, Colin was nick named “Forrest” (after Forrest Gump, of course), and ever since he started acting, his father’s shadow has been a constant companion. “People always ask, ‘Is he any good?'” he says. “They wonder, ‘ Can he just cut it by himself or is he just
riding the coattails?’ I’m just like any other kid on Roswell. I auditioned for the part. I went throguh 18 million callbacks. I can’t wait until I don’t have to deal with it anymore. I just have to learn to keep going and do my own thing.” Colin’s next “thing” is Get Over It, a flick with Kirsten Dunst.