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Sci Fi: Ron Moore’s new series

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The WB Green-Lights Pern
The WB has ordered Pern, an hour-long SF drama based on Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern novel series, for the fall, Variety reported. The show, to be produced by longtime Star Trek and current Roswell writer Ronald D. Moore, is one of several genre series green-lighted for the fall.

Moore told SCI FI Wire in January that he was developing the live-action series. “It’s a series that I had read back when I was in college, and it always stuck in my mind as an interesting world, a different slice of sci-fi that hadn’t been explored,” Moore said. “It seems at this point in time that it’s a show you can do on TV because of the technology.”

ABC, meanwhile, has ordered a new hour-long fantasy drama, The Brothers Grimm, Variety reported. The show will focus on two modern-day siblings who discover they’re descendants of the original Grimm brothers, and who find themselves enmeshed in fantastic or fairy tale-related mysteries and situations, the trade paper reported.

CBS picked up Wolf Lake, described as an hour-long werewolf suspense thriller set in the Pacific Northwest.