Roswell Newsletter-Volume 1, Issue 8

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Roswell Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 8
Communication Is The Key To Season 3
March 11, 2001


Hi Roswell Fans! Welcome to another edition of the Roswell newsletter. In this issue, we would like to stress to all Roswell fans how little time we have left. There are only 6 more episodes before season 2 comes to a close. Please stop and think for a moment… Do you want these 6 episodes to be the last new Roswell episodes that you ever see? Would Monday nights ever be the same without our favorite aliens? Many fans are having a tough time living without the show for the 6 week hiatus. Imagine what it would be like if Roswell were CANCELLED PERMANENTLY!!! We cannot allow this to happen.

The WB will be watching the ratings for the 6 remaining episodes very closely. They MUST be better than what we’ve seen for the last few episodes. Now is the time for all Roswell fans to join together and work hard for the show that we love so much. We must communicate “Roswell” everywhere. All fans must become more active than ever in promoting the show. Please read this newsletter very carefully and do everything that we recommend. We have been advised by some pretty reliable sources regarding how we should proceed. Let’s make sure that Roswell’s ratings for the 6 remaining episodes are higher than ever!!!

Roswell Season 3 – Questions, Speculations, Ideas and General Rantings can be discussed on the following thread started by Kdberg (Roswell 2 Moderator)



In each newsletter, this section highlights a few sponsors from Roswell. These sponsors spend thousands of dollars to advertise during Roswell. ***It is the advertising dollars that pay for the show to be produced.*** Please try your best to send a quick message to these sponsors indicating how much you love Roswell. Thank them for supporting the show and encourage them to continue their support. It is also wise to mention the sponsor’s product(s), if you know what they are. Please be very courteous and polite. Be sure to check out a complete list of sponsors at , and contact them in your spare time. This is really important!


We got a response on Friday from Andrew at The WB that he is forwarding sponsor replies to The WB’s COO! So *please remember to send any good responses you get from the sponsors to the 4 WB email addresses listed above* – most of the sponsors’ responses are great so pass them along to The WB!….THEY ARE NOTICING!

Please spread the word about doing this, folks! We’ve got even more incentive to do this now that we know our efforts are being noticed by The WB’s COO!

Please find out who this week’s sponsors are and join our discussion:


February Sweeps is all over folks, and you can say the same for Roswell if the fans of the show don’t wake up to reality!!! The ratings from the last month have been anything but desirable. If things don’t change really quickly, season 3 will never happen! We hope this is clear to everyone.

It is extremely important that all fans send highly positive e-mail to, , and every week to remind the WB how much support Roswell has. Tell them what you are doing on Monday nights now that Roswell isn’t playing for 6 weeks… watching old episodes – tell them which one and why you love it so much; writing to sponsors – tell them all about it. We need the WB to be aware of what the fans are doing to support the show.

Blackwidow and Faile have suggested that we all go to the WB message board at 9pm on Monday and post discussions about the show, the actors, our favorite episodes. We need to remind them that we’re still here even when the show isn’t playing. There is presently an episode schedule for viewing and discussing on Mondays.

From Crashdown:
The End of the World – March 12
Although this episode is not airing live, we encourage you to watch it on tape and then come discuss it on the board. ** Details **


An important source has recommended that we focus more attention on the WB Affiliates. These stations are an important part of the WB family. Many of them are owned by the Tribune Company, which owns a major share in the WB. They can provide major feedback to the Burbank office. They can also choose to promote the show more frequently if we bother them enough. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?!!! Everyone needs to do this now!

Please join our WB Affiliate discussion and see this week’s featured stations:


Please vote in the Teen Choice Awards. The complete information is here:

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Shiri is tops at Alloy.coms star chart. Lets keep her up there and add all the other Roswell stars.

Vote for Jason to be on the cover of Cosmo-

There is a new poll at here- (You can vote in three categories)

(Spex)Did you guys know you could vote on-line every month at J-14?

Go her to vote for Jason’s Buffy episode. (This might decide if its’ shown again.)-

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(babybuncher) Vote for Jason (or others if they are nominated) on the following e-crush poll-

Also, check out, Use their search function to find boothes you can either nominate or vote for Roswell or it’s denizens. Some good subjects to search for booths on.

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Thanks to everyone who posted on our thread on Roswell 2 ( ). We were really impressed by the really great responses. As promised, we sent the link to Andrew at The WB. Now that everyone has posted their feelings about Roswell on the message board, we’d like to ask that everyone participate in a similar activity. Instead of posting…. how about e-mailing the WB about how we feel about our show. We CANNOT let them forget how much we love Roswell. It’s not the number of Roswell fans that has gotten us so much attention– it’s our dedication, devotion and stamina. Let’s show them that we’re as strong-willed as ever!!!!

All of the posts on this thread were really great!! A few of them really caught our attention, and we wanted everyone to see them again:

Why does Roswell appeal to me? Why does it affect my life? Why do I structure my Mondays around this show? There are so many answers to this simply worded question. I remember when the Pilot of this show came out, and I was thinking…oh great, another televison show with no basis whatsoever…something that I will never be able to relate to…blah blah blah. By the end of that one episode I was in tears. There has never been a television show that has that profound of an affect on me. See, I have this rule for novels: I base what I consider a good novel on whether or not it can make me cry in the end, and whether I can feel for some character in a way I never have before. I have never been able to “get into” television shows before. By the end of the Pilot…the tears were there…My heart was hooked…I was actually there, with the characters, feeling what they were feeling. Now, I must say…I am a dreamer all the way. I love Max and Liz. The ever-so-popular “connection scene” between Max and Liz in the Crashdown is what drew me into the show…that is what brought my tears on. I have had a real rough life, bad experiences in love and such…When I saw Max and Liz together for the first time…I was awe inspired. The rich chemistry, the looks that they gave one another…my god…that actually existed? I never knew it could. And that was my basis for watching the show.
I have to say that Roswell also saved my life today. Today I found out that I was allergic to bees, in a not so fun and exciting way. Let me tell you a little tale about how Roswell, and Max and Liz in particular, saved my life: It was a sunny day today, weird after a rain-storm, and I was enjoying my vibrant walk to class, when suddenly…a bee flew at my neck and right then and there pricked me. My throat was tightly closing up, I couldn’t breathe…it was horrible. I started running to the health center, and I didn’t think that I was going to make it…but then I started to think: I cant die…I must make it…Max and Liz haven’t renuinited yet and I can’t miss it. That thought, and the thought that I want a season three, made me fun faster, so I was able to make it there on time. I mean, granted, they shoved a needle full of something I can’t pronounce in the back of my neck…but hey, it was worth it just so I could see my dream couple reunite and help Roswell get a season three. And I can’t die until I get what I want. So that is my story.

I never considered myself to take a job in writing. I was always going for the doctor thing…to be super smart and such. My whole point of view changed when I saw the great writing of those that had created Roswell. My god…what if I could do something like that? I have also been acting for some time now…and I have yet to fullfill my dream of performing with the chemisty I see on this fascinating show…but such is my goal. I can be whatever I want to be, because this show has showed me I can do that.

I guess, in some ways, I am an alien. I don’t blend well in a group, and I dont play well with others. The little gothic/punk girl wandering around a place where everyone else seems to be beautiful. I am among the class of the beautiful race of light beings, and I am that one dark face in the crowd that does not fit in. Could I ever be normal? What an issue that was before I saw Roswell. I recommend you watch Blind Date again, because that has taught me so much about myself. In the memorable words about Max: “what’s so great about being normal?” That one sentence had such a powerful affect over me. What is so great about being normal and about being like everyone else? Wow…

So now you see what Roswell has done for me…I love the way I am…And I dont care what anybody thinks, and I am glad that I am not normal like everybody else. Roswell caused me to be…me. And for that, I am ever indebted. I love Roswell, with every essence of my being. I have something to look foward to every Monday night…And all the while, I am hoping for that little piece of Max and Liz action. I miss them…they are what made me believe in true love. So there you have it…my wonderful essay. Thanks for listening…
Jennifer Steidley

My name is Alyssa and I am 18 years old. Why Roswell means so much to me is a bit hard to explain. About 3 years ago when I was 14, i became sick. The doctors had no idea what was wrong with me, or if they did, they weren’t sharing. Finally i got a diagnosis of having a medical condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. The CFS disabled me to a point where somedays I could get out of bed, due to unbelievale exhaustion. Eventually I was forced to drop out of school. As a result of the CFS,being almost completely bedridden, and toatlly isolated from my peers, i became depressed in the Summer of ’99. The I heard about this show that was coming on that Fall on the WB called “Roswell”. The previews looked interesting and I knew that Jonathon Frakes was a producer, so I said “you know what, I think I’ll check this out.” And I was so glad I did. From that first week on, every week i was given a chance to see a show that was both funny, smart and thought provoking and really spoke to it’s audience. And for an hour each week, I forgot I was sick. Now 1 hour a week may not seem like much to most, but for me it was a godsend. What’s more it got me in touch with people my own age via the internet. That’s the great thing about Roswell, it connects and bonds it’s fans together like no other show out there. I have another debt I owe to Roswell. About 2 months ago I joined a Roswell list and much to my delight and surprise, I began a friendship with another Roswell fan who has CFS. It is so wonderful to have a person my age who really does know what I’m going through. In a way Roswell has changed my life for the better. That is something that I am never going to forget.

Why do I like Roswell so much? I think it’s because it successfully mixes science fiction with ‘real life’. the ‘real life’ of teenagers growing up, having re;ationships, forming trusting friendships, and finding their way in the world is something everyone can relate to. The Max/Liz relationship and the Michael/Maria relationship – how they interact and banter with each other are just two good general examples of this.

The scince fiction side has an appeal of it’s own. You either enjoy sci fi or you don’t, and I do. I don’t think there’s much else to say on that side of the shows appeal.

But Roswell has that extra something. it successfully mixes sci fi with real life – because it’s set on Earth in the present time, not in an imaginary world or sometime way in the future. And it sticks to reality (sci fi aside). If Max et al were real, they would have to hide their identities and origins from the worls. because if their alien-ness was out, they would suffer the experiences of Max in WR, and they would be chased by the FBI… Roswell catches this aspect of human nature perfectly.

And the show gains extra strength from the high standards of acting. For me, the sign of a good actor is the ability to speak volumes without uttering a word. Many of the actors on Roswell do this so very well. Examples are Jason when Max first saw Michaels black eye in Independence Day; Brendan when Michael was being confronted by a hysterical Topolsky in his ruined apartment in crazy, William when Valenti picked up the communicator in crazy and realised it was alien in origin, Majandra and Shiri in their many looks to their respective love interests (in the show). And so many more to mention. Not to mention the other side of acting – the ability to play different characters so convincingly. Perhaps the best example of this being Jason when he was playng Nasedo in Max’s body in Max to the Max. We saw the body and clothes of Max, but we knew it wasn’t Max – the body language, looks etc was so different. it was an amazing feat of acting that really impressed me. but the other actors have also done this well given the opportunity (eg, their dupe roles).

In summary, Roswell appeals to me in so many ways that it’s hard to actually explain. It just has a little of everything that attracts and keeps a viewer hooked. And it gets better and better as time goes on. Long may it continue!


I remember when I first saw Roswell. It was December 19, 1999. I was at home with nothing to do and, like I normally do when I have nothing to do, I went channel surfing. That’s when I came to the WB. I just decided to look at the beginning of the show, just to see what it was about. The WB was re-airing The Pilot and that was one of the best plot lines I had ever seen! And those first five minutes of Roswell was the beginning of beautiful relationship with one of the greatest shows in television history!

Ever since that night, I tuned in faithfully. Well, when I could get it anyway. See I live out in the countryside and I don’t have cable or a satellite dish so it all depended on the weather to see if I could get the show or not. Sucks don’t it? That’s what I thought. I remember one night where they were re-airing Morning After and I couldn’t get it. I started crying uncontrollably. My mom came in my room asking what was wrong and I told her that I couldn’t get my show on TV. She got me calmed down and I went back to playing with my antennae to see if I could get it. It was halfway through the show when I finally got it. But I was still grateful that I could see the end.

My favorite of all the writers of the show is Jason Katims. He writes the best episodes. He’s the only show writer that I can remember that can make me cry! The one episode that stands out in my mind is The End of the World. I remember that that episode made me laugh and made me angry. But most of all, it brought out emotions in me that I had always kept hidden from the world, such as my sensitivity. When I saw Max’s eyes tear up, I knew that I was gone. And when Tess touched his shoulder and the camera did a close-up on his face, the tears started coming. I remember calling Erin (IrishQueen) right after the show with tears falling down my cheeks. Erin knows that making me cry is very hard thing to accomplish and if you actually get me to do it, then you’ve done something incredible!

But when it comes to actors and actresses, my favorites are definitely Brendan Fehr (with Jason Behr coming in at a VERY close second) and Katherine Heigl. Brendan, for a man who hasn’t had as much experience as say, Jason, but he’s a very accomplished actor. Brendan makes you believe that Michael is a real person and not a fictional character. He’s definitely one of the handsomest men I have ever seen in my life! And he’s got a stellar personality to go with it. Katherine is definitely one of the prettiest women in the world! Even my brother, who doesn’t watch Roswell, thinks so. Katherine has a lot of experience when it comes to the acting business and it shows! Just like Brendan, she makes Isabel come to life! Katherine is a very good role model for young girls. She’s not your typical American female. Most females are all about being paper thin, getting a boyfriend, losing weight, etc., etc., but not Katherine. She’s not paper thin, she cares more about her career than getting a boyfriend, and she really likes her size (I’d hope she would considering that she prayed for big boobs! lol).

When it comes to my favorite episode, I truly can’t choose. I have a few that I like more than others but I don’t have a favorite. From Season One, I enjoy watching The Pilot, Destiny, Blind Date, and Heat Wave. From Season Two, I like Summer of 47, End of the World, The Miracle (A Roswell Christmas Carol), any part from The Hybrid Chronicles, and Wipeout. I enjoy all of the Roswell episodes but those are the ones that truly stick out in my mind. Why? I don’t truly know.

Roswell is expertly written, no matter who writes it. The directors do an excellent job when it comes to the things the actors do. And the cameraman (-men), I can’t say enough about them! They are a key part in Roswell and I would say that they are the most important people on the set, not including the actors, writers, and directors. The writer writes a scene, the director tells them how to say it and what to do with it (such as a gesture), and the cameraman catches it perfectly. Which is what makes us all crazy over some things I guess! lol

But in all seriousness, Roswell is one of the main reasons why I’m alive today. No, I’m not trying to make you pity me and don’t think I’m lying because I’m telling you the truth. See, before Roswell, I was very suicidal. You have no idea how close I came to actually killing myself. But, when I saw Roswell, I had a reason to live. I wanted to see what would happen the alien trio (and soon foursome) the following weeks. And because of Roswell, I met another reason why I’m alive-the Wax Pack (aka Celebrity Lurker-such as Incognito, SilverRain, LadyJ-just to name a few). They helped me with my problems and it turns out that my best friend, Erin, is a Waxer! Weird huh? And then I realized that I liked Brendan-a lot! He’s yet another reason why I’m here (thank you Brendan!). And Incognito can vouch for it if you don’t believe me! But, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if it wasn’t for Roswell, the Waxers, and my family and friends (especially Erin) then I wouldn’t be here right now.

I know that Roswell is special to everyone in different ways and I think that’s why it has such massive appeal (and I’m pretty sure that the fact that the cast absolutely gorgeous has nothing to do with it! ). But I truly hope that the WB executives will read this and realize how much this show effects us.


The first time I ever watched Roswell I was so skeptical of it. I’d seen information about it in magazines and I thought it was just another scary and bloody sci-fi show. Boy, was I ever wrong. It was in December of 1999 during Christmas vacation that I happened to flip to Dawson’s Creek. It was a repeat that I’d already seen, and it made me even more bored than I was already. I kept seeing previews for this Roswell show, and I had nothing better to do, so I didn’t change the channel when the Creek was over. I mostly decided to watch it because all of my friends were making fun of me because I was afraid to watch the Scream movies. If I watched Roswell, I figured they would stop bugging me to watch a scary movie. As I started watching the episode, which I later found out was a repeat of “The Morning After”, I immediately fell in love with Max. It’s a magical moment when someone realizes they’ve found something so awesome that they become obsessed with it and can’t stop thinking about it. Every teenager usually loves one thing so much that they’re obsessed with it, and all my friends have that something special. Now I do,too. You can’t choose your obsession, it comes to you, just like you can’t make someone love your obsession, which is what I’ve learned. My best friend is obsessed with the pop group BBMak, and all we do is talk about what we love to each other, because we know that magical feeling. My other best friend thinks we’re insane, but we don’t care because we love our obsessions. That’s what Roswell is to me, something to remember forever when I look back on my teenage years someday. I’ll remember the Jason Behr pictures all over my wall, constantly going on ebay to get the latest Roswell stuff, informing everyone I know all about Roswell (even if they aren’t listening), taping every episode and crying during the sad ones (specifically “The End of The World”), excitedly awaiting each new episode during the repeats, spending hours working on a Roswell website (it’s still not finished), screaming and jumping up and down when I saw Dido in concert and getting weird looks from everyone around me who had no idea who she was, and most importantly, feeling like I belong to a group of the most dedicated people ever(whom I’ve never even met before) on Fanforum who can understand and relate to me and my obsession, Roswell, which is truly the greatest show on earth. Fanforum is like a second home for me, and I love it. The campaigning is great, the people are great, and most importantly, the show is so great that it’s beyond great.

Much of what I love about Roswell, began when I watched the pilot. I fell in love with Roswell and with Max & Liz the moment Max reversed the connection and let Liz see into his soul. Another one of my favorite scenes is in the episode Blind Date…

“As long as we’re together nothing else matters,” Max declares, in a that memorable scene (from Blind Date). Why do I love Max and Liz? Quite frankly because it’s all magic when we think about them and how much they love each other and how much we believe they are soulmates!

From that first moment when Max healed Liz and changed everything. They both wanted it to be something more, but we’re afraid. They were afraid of the unknown, of what could happen if this worked out really well.

Liz wasn’t so afraid though, and made the decision that she wanted to be with Max. Liz followed her heart, left normal, and as Max’s Dream Girl, us DreamGirls and Guys have never been the same. Liz told Max that “This can never be normal.” And that’s why we love them! It’s not normal, and Dreamers don’t want it to be normal.

— Every week we tune in to watch an alien hybrid boy and his dream girl human “plus” (meaning her new powers) experience life in Roswell, New Mexico. If we Dreamers wanted “NORMAL” we’d read the newspaper. No we want undying devotion, out-of-this-world passion, a connection between two soul’s hearts that goes beyond words, and a truth in each others eyes! That’s what’s so great about Max & Liz and their story. —

Max revealed to Liz in Blind Date that “When I’m not with you…I go crazy.” Some growing for Max and Liz may be healthy, but it makes Dreamers crazy! Please forgive our impatience, but it’s torturous and seems much like the end of the world for us for these two soulmates to be separated. I just keep repeating to myself what Shakespeare said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And that comforts me some.

So much has been going around about why Max and Liz should be together. The WB in their poll asked us why we would want them to be united. Perhaps this is the wrong question altogether. I ask, “Why shouldn’t they?” “What’s the good in keeping them from each other?” and …..
“What’s so great about normal?”

But Max and Liz aren’t all I love about Roswell. I love that Roswell unlike any other show I know of blend drama, humor, romance, and suspense perfectly! Maria and Michael, Isabel and Alex, Kyle and Tess – I’m just a sucker for romance! Even Valenti and Amy are so fun to watch! I relate to this show as a girl and as a mom! The themes in ROSWELL too keep me tuning in! It’s facinating to see how the characters and the alien/human dynamics interact and effect each other!


Now that you’ve read about how Roswell has affected the lives of a few people, please take a few moments to write to the WB regarding how you feel about the show!! Thank You!!


Now that we’re in the middle of the Gilmore Girls hiatus, we need everyone’s help to create more Roswell fans. Many of you have taped previous Roswell episodes. These episodes can become powerful weapons if we use them correctly. Certainly, everyone must have friends, relatives, co-workers and classmates that haven’t been exposed to the show. They’ve been deprived of Roswell for too long. We challenge all of you to watch some of these episodes with potential fans. At the very least, convince them to watch one of the episodes. We really need to increase our viewers. Start with The Pilot…. it never fails…..


Please remember to keep accomplishing everything you can on this list to help improve Roswell’s ratings.

1) Spread the word about Roswell to everyone you can and in any way you can in the world around you, on the Internet, everywhere!

2) Get more people involved in helping with the campaigns. **Get other Roswell fans to help you!** Get your friends to help. Send these newsletters to other Roswell sites/boards/clubs/groups and fans on the Internet. ***Print out these newsletters and make copies of them to disburse among offline Roswell fans.***

3) Write to the sponsors and copy the WB. We have a relatively complete list of
sponsors and sample letters at:

4) Keep sending positive email to , , , and and post on their message
boards at . **Don’t forget to mention a season 3**

5) Participate in the Season 3 letter writing campaign. **Let TPTB know how
much Roswell means to you** More details are here:

6) Write to the local WB Affiliates. **Tell them how much you love Roswell .**
Refer to the list of WB contacts we sent you recently. If you didn’t receive it, write to for the info.

7) Blackwidow has a great site where Media contacts and other info can be found.
Congratulations on the one year anniversary of promoting Roswell and the 125,000 hits Fionna!!



An ambitious group of Roswell fans have decided to take the Roswell message to the city streets. Please check out the link below and join them. This is so important for getting the word out about the show. Getting people who don’t know about the show hooked is an important aspect of campaigning. In fact, it could get us our 3rd season.


Click above to visit — A Comprehensive Roswell Campaign Website