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Vote for Brendan and Colin in for the Young Hollywood Awards 2001.

Go Vote

New Stylemaker (Male)

Brendan Fehr

One To Watch (Male)

Colin Hanks

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Click on the flying spaceship at “” and answer the following question… Why should Roswell be beamed back to earth? You’ll understand more after you click the ship!

Roswell will return to Citytv mid-april with all new episodes!

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i dont know if you guys already featured this or not, but today, when i went
at, i saw this quiz:

Who’s Your WB Boyfriend?

Michael Guerin might make you go ga-ga when you’re watching Roswell every
Monday night. Or maybe Dawson makes you drool on Wednesdays. Perhaps Xander’s
actually more your type of guy. There’s only one way to find out — take the
quiz and discover which WB boy is your true match

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New Alloy Star Chart for Friday March 9th.
Here is where our Roswell Stars are on the list of the top 25 for the week.

This Week Last Week Weeks on Chart
Shiri Appleby 1 1 14
Katherine Heigl 3 7 8
Majandra Delfino 6 14 7 (HOT)
Jason Behr 10 17 14 (HOT)
Colin Hanks 12 18 3 (HOT)
Brendan Fehr 15 9 9 (ICE COLD)
Emilie de Ravin 17 19 6

We are only missing Nick Wechsler on the star chart. You can go to the Vote section and put Nick’s name on the “Where’s My Favorite”.

Check out the Alloy Star Chart at:
Vote now, vote often!

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I am not sure if this has been posted, but there is a Roswell quiz on the SciFi web site.

Take The Quiz

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Head over to to vote for the cast of Roswell in the weekly Starchat!! This week….

Shiri still rules, Dark Angel stays second, and Hanson holds steady. But Mandy Moore goes into freefall! Not down with that? Change it — vote now!

Shiri Appleby: #1

Katherine Heigl: #3

Majandra Delfino: #6

Jason Behr: #10

Colin Hanks: #12

Brendan Fehr: #15

Emile De Ravin #17

Roswell Rocks!! Keep Voting!!

Also at you can play along with Colin’s new movie, “Get Over It.” Which I might add was a GREAT movie, Colin was awesome!!

There you can read the story about the movie, enter for a trip to New York, take a quiz to see who from the movie you are like, read about the stars (including Colin) and find showtimes near you, so go check it out!!

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I am sure you have already heard this but
bottem left side a poll

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Don’t know if you guys already have this:
This is really fun. A local WB affiliate has put two fun quizzes on their
site-which identify your dream WB Man/Woman.
My perfect date was Max!

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Head on over to to take todays featured quiz….

(With a small caption of Max)
Better GF for Max: Tess or Liz? Vote now then make your own quiz.
Todays hot poll:
Love or Destiny in Roswell:
Who do you think should be with who?

Max & Liz: True love comes first.
Michael & Maria : The look so cute 2gether.
Kyle & Tess: They do live in the same house.
Alex & Isabelle: Alex likes her a lot.
Liz & Kyle: Future Max said they do look good 2gether.
Maria & Alex: They are good friends.
Tess & Max: It’s their Destiny.
Isabelle & Michael: They do hold the granolith 2gether.

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PLEASE vote for Jason Behr at the 3rd Annual entertainment awards
as he only has 361 votes , which is 5% out of the total number of votes.
This is under the ‘Cool’ link.Brendan Fehr has only 2% . The leading Guy is
Taylor Hanson with 31% of the Votes! So here’s the link :
Start voting!!

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I found this on CompuServe Celebrities.
{Keyword: CELEBRITY}

Click here: March 2001 #6

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There is a lot of poll mentionning Roswell on