Transcript of Interviews

Thanks to Lia for this.

Hi! I transcribed the new interviews at Silverhandprint. Here they are. I transcribed all of them except Liz’s answer to plans after highschool. Doublestuf transcribed that answer.

Question: With everything that goes on, how do you get through a day of school?

Liz: My education’s really important to me, so I just sort of, um, block out those things and it’s actually…I block out a lot of the chaos that’s going on in our life and I really focus on my schoolwork cause it means a lot to me, and also is a way to sort of… deter my thoughts from things that probably, I shouldn’t be thinking about.

Kyle: I don’t know man. It’s not, it’s not that uh…i-it’s, it’s not easy to concentrate but uhm… but I actually find a little, I just find a little *chuckles* don’t want to get into the specifics of it really, but a little uh…quiet time. Some form of a-uh, meditions supposedly. What I’m doing,
so. I don’t know, that’s, that’s helped me survive it.

Question: What are your plans after high school?

Liz: I would love to go to Harvard it’s a fantastic school but it just seems like so out of reach at this point because of everything that’s been going on. I don’t know what it would be like to leave Max an.. *pause, look* and everybody else.

Kyle: I’m not sure because I-I-I *clears throat* On one hand I’ve always like… wanted to go to, uh…I’ve always wanted to go do this-this, you know like a, scholarship for some… athletics thing, you know just like an athletics scholarship to s- to a-a really, um… great college, I can’t really, I don’t really feel that comfortable getting into it, but uh, I think um, my-my beliefs have-have changed a little and, uh… still kinda want to go with it… but I might not do it, and I also, um…what was the question again?

Question: Let’s talk about the Dupes…

Liz: Well, I had to kiss that dude that sort of looked like Michael and that was a super-sketchy situation *laughs* I don’t know, do they, I don’t know, do they affect my life? I don’t know, I don’t think they did, I’m fine.

Tess: It was extremely creepy having someone look like you, but looking like a complete slut with like all these revolting piercings, I mean it was just, it was really disturbing to think like I could have turned out like that, you know what I mean? But apart from that, I mean, they actually taught us things, and I’m glad they came along in that respect. We learned a lot. We know more about our home planet and that kind of thing, so. It affected my life, but in a good way.

Question: What about Nicholas?

Tess: He’s a scary little kid that guy. You know he’s like an old man, and his…real demeanor, I don’t like him at all and I hope he doesn’t come back into our life, cause it just disturbs us all and ruins everything.

Question: Your thoughts on Grandpa Valenti?

Kyle: It feels really great to know that he wasn’t crazy and everyone else, like, if he, if he’s, if he’s crazy now man…it’s it’s only because he was so burdened with this…truth, that no one believed. That they drove him crazy. They made him feel crazy, and…I feel so bad for him. It’s not, it’s
not his fault.

Question: What has been your most challenging moment?

Tess: The skins were extremely scary, they freaked us all out. They kinda ruined our…few months with them was like craziness. We thought we were all gonna die to start with. We thought we’re gonna be invaded by these…peeling people. And, along with that came like Nasedo’s death, which
was just… like heart-breakingly…it was, it was terrible for me, especially like growing up with him he was the only person I ever had like, to count on for anything in my life. But in a way it’s really made me grow
into my own person and…realize that I can…I can do what I was doing before, without him, so…

Question: Tess vs. Liz…

Kyle: Like in a fight? *laughs* I feel I’ve gotten closer to Liz, um, in a lot of ways than, than we were when we were together. Um, I realize now that’s it like, all these like, high school relationships are pretty surface, you know. You have a friend ask the person out for you, and then you get to,ehh, you don’t really tell each other all these things you’re really thinking, at least not in the beginning, you know. It needs to last
for years before you start to really…feel this way about *clears throat* Anyway, I don’t think even at that, that I’m as close with her as I am with Tess right now. And so, I um, you know she lives with us, um, he’s… part of the family.

Question: How have your powers changed?

Tess: I defintely have more control over my powers, we’ve all, like just all of us talking and working together whenever we can, we’ve developed so many more intricate ways of using what we have. Which is very useful in everyday life, but sometimes it’s…it’s hard to have that upon yourself, that you
can, knowing that you can pretty much, fix and do anything, and not always wanting to do it. It’s kind of a hard decision to make when to use them I think, for me anyway.

Question: What keeps drawing you back to Max?

Liz: Well just the fact that we do have this real connection and there’s this fire and there’s energy between us and you don’t really want to give up on something until you feel like it’s reached it’s full potential and I don’t think Max and I have yet.

Question: What answers are you looking to find?

Kyle: I wonder what-is-what, how this whole thing is going to end, how-y’know. If they’re- If I’m always going to have to have them in my life, the- you know, the alien. Minus Tess, I alw- I want her in my life, but um, I’m a-I’m a little confused about the others. I don’t know.

Tess: What our home planet, I mean I remember some things about our home planet, but I just… I wanna know, I wanna know what’s going on back there, I wanna know whether we should go back there, or whether we should stay here, or… whether me and Max…are meant to be together, which we both feel we are, but then we both feel we’re not meant to be, so it’s kind of a “we don’t know”. No one seems to know what’s going on with the four of us at the moment, it’s kind of like we’re in our own little world trying to work out… the answers and we’re just, not finding what we need to know about, home.